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Nano 8 Nuvo Aquarium - Innovative Marine

SKU: 206901

  • Nice tank, but... By jwestwood on 12/30/2013

    I have grown to enjoy the Nuvo 8 that I set up for my son's room. It has many nice features but of course, is not a perfect product.


    1. Classy, elegant design.
    2. Conveniant filtration set-up.
    3. Easy to modify.

    1. Display volume is only about 5 gallons- much more limiting then I had expected. Especially, the front to back width- not enough room for proper aquascaping.
    2. Pump is extremely underpowered and no practical room exists for additional powerheads. I did the mod of the maxi-jet 225gph. At first it produced a ton of microbubbles but now seems to be working well.

    3. Filtration container is cheap and could be greatly improved. Lots of the overflow water misses it completly.

    4. Moonlights are WAY too bright. I wanted to use these as a nightlight but they really work better as actinics. They're so bright that they keep the baby awake! Really needs a single 1/2 watt LED instead of the 4 that are provided, not to say that the light itself is overpowered. Quite the contrary, just saying that a third channel for a single low watt LED would make a better moonlight.

  • Great Desktop Design By Jason on 10/3/2013

    I was looking for a small nano (around 10G) that looked like it belonged in my office, after doing a lot of research this was the tank I decided on. So far I love the entire package!

    Packaging was excellent, plenty of cushioning around all parts of the tank.
    Setup was extremely easy and quick.
    The supplied pump is adequate, and is adjustable to the desired flow you want. (I would recommend upgrading the pump, I used a MJ900 and added a Spin Stream and the tank is swaying with flow.)
    The lights are great. Dual channel white and blue lights make customization easy. I believe it will be more than adequate to handle softies and some LPS. (I have plans to upgrade eventually if I get into SPS)
    Filter compartment was standard. (Again I added an InTank media basket to increase the area for filtering.) I comfortably fit filter floss, Purigen, and Chemi-Pure
    Plenty of room for my 100W heater and possibly fuge as well.

    Love the purchase so far!

    +The aquarium is solid and seems to be of high quality, and the setup was simple.

    -The filter block occupies less than 3/4 of it's designated chamber resulting in a pretty significant filter bypass volume, but it seems most owners end up revamping this chamber anyway.

    +The pump is VERY quiet, and volume at wide open throttle seems adequate and even digs some sand up when return isn't positioned properly. Take this for what's it's worth as I have yet to place corals.

    +The LED fixture can be adjusted vertically, and the separate actinic/14k outlets is a nice touch.

    +Relatively large filter chamber area that easily fits a standard 100W heater, larger pump if need be, and even a nano skimmer.

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