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Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
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  • Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
  • Install an Auto Flush Kit on your RO/DI | How To Tuesday

Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Restrictor

  • works great By John on 8/22/2014

    Makes life easier i have my system set up for both my reef and drinking water. Great add on for any RO system
  • Just makes life a litle easier By Brian on 1/28/2014

    Not much to say, it does what it's supposed to. It came with no instructions on how to install, and as of yet there is no video on how to hook it up (HINT, HINT). There’s not much to installing it but I did make the mistake of thinking that it was to replace my manual back flush valve, not replace the whole back flush assembly entirely. Another words I missed the whole flow restrictor part of the title. After I figured that out I noticed the valve wasn’t opening up for me. Then I realized that I plugged it in before the electronic pressure switch shut off. It needs to be spiced in between the Electronic pressure sensor switch and the booster pump (would have been nice to know). Other than that, it does make a loud hissing noise because of the pressure being squeezed through the restrictor, I welcome it myself so I know when the flusher and RO/DI unit are working and when their not. Just in case I can’t hear the booster pump rattling the stud I have it mounted to through the walls of the house.

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