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  • How to: Dosing Two Part in Your Reef Tank

BRS 2 Part Calcium & Alkalinity
Total Package with Dosers

  • Good product By galindoreef on 4/6/14

    Exelent way to maitain calcium level and the reef calculator is incredible when you try it you well see what im tallking about
  • Daily dose By Stacy on 3/6/14

    Easy setup, saves time,
  • Great way to get started with two part By Stacey on 3/5/14

    Figuring out dosing can be a little overwhelming, what equipment, what product. This kit from BRS gets you off and running quickly and the online calculators make dosing up and getting things inline much easier.
  • Good mojo By Jay on 2/22/14

    New to SPS and this is the best way to step it up! highly recommend.
  • good product By gone fishin on 2/14/14

    This kit comes with everything you need to start dosing. I would recommend watching the video online to help clear up anything.
  • Must Have By Andrew on 1/28/14

    I think that this is a must have product after using this for a couple months. The thing I love about this is I can leave for a week and not worry about dosing my tank. It is all taken care of. It takes a little fine tuning to get it dialed in but is totally worth it. This kit keeps my take parameters stable.
  • Great Product By frederick on 12/10/13

    Great package and I love these dosing pumps they works great we the reefkeeper
  • Awesome Products By James on 12/3/13

    I haven't set my dosers up yet, but I can say the 2 part system is awesome. If you can make a cup of coffee, you can definitely use this product. Mixes very well, and dosing is a breeze using the reef calculator. Make sure to change the calculator to dKH if you aren't using the meq/l. I personally think the dKH should be set as the standard and all others follow. Great customer service
  • What more would you want By Derek on 11/30/13

    This package is the cats meow. Comes with everything and the instructions are easy to follow. These are great to use with a controller or even a digital timer.
  • No question it's great. By Cory on 10/18/13

    My review is one of many glowing reviews. So it is obvious that this is a great product. This took the headache out of dosing for me. I use the dosing pumps with a Reefkeeper and it is super easy to manage. The two parts mixtures mix well and BRS has included great instructions. I think one of the biggest selling points for me is the fact that BRS has the dosing calculator on the website. Some days I just don't feel like doing algebra when I am exhausted, the calculator makes it incredibly simple. Last but not least, BRS support is responsive when I do need help.

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