BRS Bulk Dry Live Rock Rubble

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BRS Bulk Dry Live Rock Rubble

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BRS Dry Live Rock Rubble (by the pound)
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10 lb. Bag of BRS Dry Live Rock Rubble
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  • Perfect for my needs By Jessica on 1/4/2016

    I ordered one pound of this for some extra rubble for my Blue Spotted Jawfish to build a few extra burrows and to be able to select the size he wanted. It worked perfectly for what I wanted and there was a ton of it for only being a pound. Thanks BRS!
  • Disappointed... By Diving The Word on 12/11/2015

    I bought these because from the picture they would be very good to attach my frags to. But what I received was just solid junk reef rock. The rock is not porous at all and looks nothing like the picture. Waste of money...
  • Great product By Jeanette on 8/17/2015

    Great product. Rocks are nice size. I like to use them for attaching frags of softies - leathers, etc. And for zoas that I have purchased. They seem to do so much better after removing them from the frag plugs and butting them on rock.
  • Fuge-Tastic! By Steve on 6/26/2015

    Bought the 10lb bag and put it in my refugium and it works wonders. Lots of small rocks that are pretty porous and greatly increase your biological filtration. I also used some of the pieces to fill in small gaps in the rockwork of my display tank.
  • ROCKIN' ROCK By Jim on 6/9/2015

    A bag of rocks seems like a funny way to spend your money on but for a reefer it's par for the coarse. The rock was of a nice size and there was hardly any small fragments as you might expect from shipping. A nice selection from the people at BRS! I recommend it!
  • awesome By Chris on 4/25/2015

    Exactly what you would expect. Lots of golf ball sized pieces with some baseball sized mixed in. Perfect for my refugium and my nano tank.
  • Dry live rock frags By Serene on 2/9/2015

    At first when I saw the package I was not sure if it is the same as what I saw in the site and ordered, due to they came in a large bag and the pieces was too small considering to the photos I'm seeing in the web.
    Although, I will use them as a coral frags base, and they might help me when building the aqua escaping.

  • Love it! By Anthony on 1/29/2015

    I love this stuff. Sure I could go out and break up dry/live rock to create rubble BUT it involves to much effort. There was a nice assortment in the bag too. Nothing to big and the smaller pieces work nicely in the corner of the tank. My only regret was I did not order more! Not in stock for the last few weeks I wanted to order more.
  • worthwhile By Ian on 1/28/2015

    I ordered the rubble rock for use with frags and to add a few more bits to my tank. Lots of nice section on the sizes included. It does come a bit dirty so there will be a little scrubbing required to make them ready.
  • Rubble or Powder? By MKaplan on 1/20/2015

    I was so excited with the other purchases of dry rock from BRS that I was a bit disappointed when their rubble was so miniscules as to be bordering on sand. I was hoping for a couple of pieces like those featured in the picture, but in the 3lbs I bought only a few were of any sort of substance.

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