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BRS Tonga Shelf Dry Live Rock
(Sold by the Pound)

  • Nice pieces!! I described what I was looking for and BRS got it right! By MatraD on 4/8/14

    Nice flat shelf tonga, some had more texture than others - which is ok, it will eventually be covered. I put in a few specifics on what I was looking for - and they hit it perfect. Nice size pieces, and I almost feel like they threw an extra piece in there because it was easier than making exact weight, but could be wrong. You can also break these pieces to fit what you need. Great looking addition to any reef tank and blends in well with my Fiji rock.
  • Perfect piece By Paul on 4/1/14

    I had reservations about ordering online as I could not see the pieces. and was very particular about what I was looking for. My piece arrived today, and its perfect. It was a completely porous piece, of the requested thickness and minimal size. The piece they found was actually 1 lb less than what I ordered, but thats ok cause it was larger than I expected. Many thanks to ACA, who rummaged though all the available pieces and found this one to match my request.
  • awesome By Rafael on 3/22/14

    I received a large 16 x 22 inch plate with base and 3 opening on it .
    I ordered 20 lbs and received 21.5 lb single rock. it unique and quite beautiful. im impressed and will be a center piece in my aquascape
  • little surprised By Tyler on 3/4/14

    I ordered 20lb of this and got 1 massive shelf. So big so it will definitely have to be altered in order to fit in my tank. Which is actually sad because by its an amazing piece, I thought I was going toget 2 shelves thats the only reason I didn't rate it higher. 1 drimel tool later and I have 3 much smaller shelves and a large base piece allIis right in the world.
  • will not buy rocks from BRS again By madhu on 2/20/14

    They messed up my previous order (ordered multibranch complex and nothing was complex or multibranch, but cylinders) and I thought they wont screw up my next order, but they did.

    1: My total order should weigh 60 pounds, but when I weighed the rocks they weighed 52 lbs. So 8 lbs missing and waste of money.

    2: I ordered shelf rock with base but none of them had base. If at least one rock had base then I would have been happy. They were are triangular plates. Also, I ordered 20" large rock which was just a rectangular plate with no solid base. Just buy their pukani and don't buy shelf rock.

    want to return all and buy pukani
  • Picture is misleading By Shep on 2/5/14

    I bought this thinking that it would look like it did in the picture. instead it was just a flat triangle piece of rock. Still was nice but would not have gotten if I had known
  • not what i expected By Nicholas on 1/16/14

    I was excited to get this rock. It was super big. Too big for my 75 gallon. I wanted to chop it down however I couldnt justify the 1 1/2-2 inch thickness for my application. The pictures were a little decieving on width of the shelf. My tank upgrade will get this rock
  • Great Rock By George on 12/30/13

    Bought over 20lbs of this stuff. Extra clean and extra porous. Great for adding beauty and hiding places in your tank and housing beneficial bacteria. When I ordered, brs was extra generous and gave me giant pieces... great for my brother's 240 gallon set up!
  • Stellar in every way By Bert on 12/12/13

    I ordered 50 lbs of this, specifying at least 2 "show pieces", and all I can say is WOW ... This is outta sight stuff and BRS did a great job. I can't wait to get this into my tank a few weeks from now.
  • BEAUTIFUL ROCK By James on 9/28/13

    This rock was well packaged, none broken. Lovely shelf rock, almost the size of a turkey platter. Great product, thanks again BRS!

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