Aquatec Permeate Pump & Clip

Aquatec Permeate Pump and Clip
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  • Aquatec Permeate Pump and Clip
  • Aquatec Permeate Pump
  • Aquatec Permeate Clip

Aquatec Permeate Pump & Clip

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Aquatec Permeate Pump ERP 1000
SKU: 200204
Aquatec Permeate Pump Mounting Clip
SKU: 200205
Aquatec Permeate Pump ERP 1000 with Clip
SKU: 200236
  • Loud and over pressured my system By on 2/4/2016

    Easy to install. Over pressured my system. Caused my faucet to leak. Many of my fittings seeped with the increased pressure. Extremely loud. Removed. Now I have to replace the faucet it ruined. BRS will not allow me to return it. They also wouldn't replace my faucet. My house pressure is 65.
  • Who cares about the clip By on 10/22/2014

    I don't know what people are complaining about the clip as mine just sits on top of the RO membrane and leans against the wall, so no clip needed. Anyway, yes, this will make a clicking sound every 2 seconds or so as it moves water, but all reciprocating pumps do that, so you can't get around it. The benefits far outweigh this as it works like a champ. I took my auto shut off valve out and used this to turn the system off and it does it. An added benefit of this is that it takes my pressure tanks up to 65 lbs with 70 lbs of incoming pressure. This is awesome, so I don't have to run my RO system as often. It will also tell you if you have any leaks downstream of it from bad fittings, bad cuts, or bad seals on DI containers, so watch that when you first get up to pressure.

    It works by using the drain water to power a small reciprocating pump which takes good water from your RO membrane and pumping / forcing it through the rest of your system. If you have your unit connected to pressure tanks, or pumping a long distance or filling a tall tank, this is perfect for you as it keeps the dicharge pressure of your RO membrane at 0 to 5 lbs, so it doesn't have to work as hard to make good water, so less waste water. That's how their claim works and it does. I have it on a 150gpd membrane which they say it doesn't keep up with, but mine does just fine.
  • Works as intended By on 9/17/2012

    With this pump I was able to get my tank pressure to 62 psi =). Note that to get this pressure you have to remove your BRS Auto Shut off valve.

    Quote from the manufacture "This pump can also bring storage tanks up to line pressure and then shut the system down when these tanks reach capacity, eliminating the need for a hydraulic shut-off valve."

    I would have given it a 5 star but it is a little loud while its working. Other than that its worth every penny.
  • Worth the Price By on 7/21/2012

    I don't know whether it reduces waste water "by up to 80%" as claimed, but it definitely does not "[f]ill[] product tank up to 4 times more rapidly." Still it increased flow in my BRS/DI unit by about 25% (from 37 psi to 47 psi) so I'm satisfied. No instructions but BRS promptly answered my installation questions. Once my questions were answered, installation was very easy.

  • Big difference in waste water By on 5/16/2012

    This was simple to install, once I found instructions. I was wasting a lot of water and this simple pump increased pressure by about 7 pounds and reduced waste water to nearly 1:1. It makes a clicking sound when working but not really loud. Be sure to order the mounting clip. This should be part of any RODI system.
  • Overall satisfied but a little misleading By on 3/14/2012

    I think that these are almost a necessity to save on the utilities. I will have to check and see what ratio it brings it down to, but it definitely decreases waste water production.

    I did not like the fact that it doesnt come with the clip assembly that is used to secure it to the wall. The clip was pictured with the item and wasnt in the item description that it was not included or that it was optional hardware.

    I purchased the same unit from another source and it came with the clip at the same price. I dont really feel as though it should be sold seperately. It is a requirement that the unit be mounted in a specific orientation to work properly. Without the clip you have to hope it stays in the right position.

    Just a heads up so if you want to mount the unit to a wall check the accessories page and know that you have to purchase it seperately. I did not even think to check prior to final order placement since it was picture on the item. I only found out after the package was received. I will contact customer service to inquire...
  • Great item By on 2/16/2012

    This plus the booster pump has gotten me to were my RODI unit is almost to a 1:1 ratio. Makes RODI water fast

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