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Adjustable Float Valve and Float Valve
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  • Adjustable Float Valve and Float Valve
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Reverse Osmosis Float Valve

  • Does it's job! By Jeremy on 10/14/2014

    I bought this for my water res for my ato, it works great! No water leaks, simple install just needed a drill bit and plyers and about 2 minutes of time.
    Instructions were spot on and the video was nice too. Don't buy the adjustable it's silly. Get the fixed and forget about it
  • Useful By Greg on 10/11/2014

    I have 2 50 gallon tanks. 1 for ro water on for salt water. I use on each tank.
  • Simple, effective By David on 9/16/2014

    It's a basic float valve and it works. Using it as a shutoff for my rodi.
  • Great product when installed properly By Shliam on 9/13/2014

    Float works like a champ as long as you install it with the auto shutoff valve. Use the needed amount of water and come back later and it's full again.
  • Affordable RO / DI Auto Fill By jmar on 8/27/2014

    Easy to install on a 35 gallon trash can. Use the recommended drill bit size for the hole and everything should fit snugly. Affordable for a quick RO / DI auto fill station.
  • Use with caution By BryanD on 7/24/2014

    These have been a solid performer for me over the last 2 years. But suddnely, and without warning, they fail. Walked in tonight to find the floor once again covered in water. I used to have total peace of mind with these things. But not anymore. May have to find either a replacement for these, or make some kind of a back up system for them. Very unfortunate.
  • worth it's weight in gold By mfief on 6/26/2014

    all you need is a drill adn some pliers to ensure that you do not over flow the RO container and flood part of your house. I was skeptical at first because it was so simple to install, I thought I was overlooking something. Works like a charm. great for piece of mind. Search the internet for people tat have flooded various parts of their house because of an RO overflow. This is what you need to prevent that.
  • Perfect for RO/DI Unit By Vincent on 5/25/2014

    If I didn't use this the first time using my RO/DI unit I would have flood my house. Also, very easy to install.
  • A must have By Marc on 5/24/2014

    Picture this: You are at a nice restaurant with your significant other when a horrible realization hits you. Yikes, you left the darn RODI on again. Time to go home and mop up the floor. Get this float valve and you will not worry again. Installation was easy. Don't forget the auto shut off valve if you don't already have one installed on your RODI unit.
  • Eh... Works until its at limit By Alex on 5/20/2014

    Bought the adjustable float for a 55 gallon storage container. Everything hooked up fine, liked the adjustable neck on the float.

    The first issue I had was when the tank was full and the float closed, water would leak out of the fitting down onto my floor. BRS stated the compression fittings were bad, or whatever. I ordered another one and I had the same issue. The float was closing, but water was still leaking out. Tried different torque ratings on the nut but nothing worked. Either I have a defective auto-shutoff or I got two poorly manufactured products in a row.

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