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Adjustable Float Valve and Float Valve
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  • Adjustable Float Valve and Float Valve
  • Float Valve Installation

Reverse Osmosis Float Valve

  • Must Have for RO/DI By Mitchel on 4/12/14

    Why worry about your RO/DI unit flooding your house/garage. With the float valve, no need to worry. Just set it up and forget it.
  • Works as advertised By Trent on 4/8/14

    Works amazingly, and is really easy to install.
  • works great By don on 4/6/14

    easy to install and works great you have to get one of these before you have a ro/di water over flow
  • Simple and functional By Eli on 4/3/14

    Valve was easy to install and works great. Have one for my top off backup shut off and one for my ro tub in the basement.
  • Perfect for the BRS ro systems By Jschoen on 3/29/14

    Purchased for my brs 6 stage deluxe ro/di system. These say they are rated at 100 PSI, but i have had mine at 120 psi for weeks without any issues. Very easy to set up. doesn't come with instructions but is very straightforward on how to install. if you do have issues, brs does have a video on how to set it up
  • Great for ATO! By The Reef Spot on 3/18/14

    If you building an Auto Top Off system for your sump, these work! Thanks BRS! Great service and products as always!
  • Works great By Sean on 3/15/14

    Easy to install, works like its supposed to. Got it with the 4 stage valve plus. Took longer to make up my mind where to put everything than it did to install. Will order again soon for making water changes.
  • Works as it supposed to - Worth the few $$ By Nil on 3/14/14

    It is worth spending few dollars than having spills. works as it supposed to. Good product.
  • Must Have!!!!! By Bradley on 3/12/14

    Until I overflowed a bucket for about 20 min in my basement, I didn't think I needed these. Wrong!!!! One of the most simple and needed purchases I have made.
  • Saved me a few times already By Victor on 3/11/14

    I have had this for about six months or so, and so far it has saved me three times. I usually run my RO at night, and at least three times I can remember falling asleep on the couch only to jump up and realize I left the valve open for the RO

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