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Clear Refillable Cartridge for DI Resin

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  • Refillable DI Cartridge Refill Instructions

Clear Refillable Cartridge for DI Resin


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2.5" x 10” Clear Refillable Cartridge for DI Resin (Standard)
SKU: 200002
Earn 7 Reward Points
2.5" x 20" Clear Refillable Cartridge for DI Resin
SKU: 200083
Earn 12 Reward Points
4.5" x 10" Clear Refillable Cartridge for DI Resin
SKU: 200089
Earn 16 Reward Points
4.5" x 20" Clear Refillable Cartridge for DI Resin
SKU: 200090
Earn 24 Reward Points
  • works great By Rowdy on 2/21/2015

    easy to refill and install
  • Economy By 4fishman on 2/5/2015

    Replacing the Coralife disposable cartridge. I like the economy and ease of changing.
  • No brainer By JD on 1/19/2015

    I have to shut off the water supply to my sink while changing out filters/ DI resin. Well, emptying out the DI cartridge can get a little messy... especially with no water to clean it up with. With the extra cartridge it becomes easy.
  • Sturdy & Easy to Use By Josh on 1/17/2015

    Well built and easy to use. This Cartridge is clear enough to see DI resin change colors to know when to replace it. Have used multiple times and still going!
  • Gotta have By Eric on 5/8/2014

    Way better and cheaper than buying from manufacturer. It's the only way to keep tds at zero. Love it
  • Good stuff By Luke on 5/5/2014

    Before replacing with this di resin, my ppm was 10+. The first cup of water through the new resin was 0 ppm. You would think that it would take a few gallons to run clean. Good stuff.
  • easy to use By david on 3/28/2014

    easy to use, works well. I bought a second one to make changing over even faster. That way I have one loaded and ready. You can get back to making water right away, cleaning out the expired one when you want.
  • Fixed my tds issue!! By James on 1/27/2014

    I couldn't get my tds to zero. It was around 5 and was causing a phosphate issue in my tank. I replaced all my filters with brs filters and now my tds is zero!! With my savings I was even able to buy more spare filters. The di canister fit perfect in my coralife unit.
  • Good replacement for Coralife disposable. By Bill on 1/22/2014

    I picked up a used Coralife RO system for a great price. There was no difference in dissolved solids before and after the DI stage so I knew the resin was used up. Coralife uses a disposable cartridge, but I wanted a reusable canister. The BRS refillable 2.5 x 10 fits the Coralife just fine. I was not sure how old the other filters were so I replaced them with BRS filters. They all fit. My dissolved solids are now at zero. No more trips to the store to buy water.
  • A necessary standby By ebushrow on 9/20/2013

    every reefer should have a DI cartridge on hand in case the inevitable happens. This is a great quality replacement cartridge and much less expensive than buying pre-filled ones.

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