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BRS Bulk DI Resin - Two Sizes Available
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  • BRS Bulk DI Resin - Two Sizes Available

BRS Bulk Deionization Resin

  • Outstanding! By Paul on 5/14/2014

    I've been relying on BRS from the get-go and the DI resin is one of the products i regularly need. I've used the regular kind in stead of the color changing type and with the same positive results. I re-ordered and i was pleasantly surprised when i opened the box as they included an extra unit.... That made my day
  • Works great By Steve on 11/25/2013

    Have used BRS for my mag, cal, alk and order this for the first time. Works great in my RODI system and cheaper than what I paying. Also the video shows the correct way to refill you canister. Thanks BRS, I was not aware the resign should be packed. I would recommend this product
  • Right Stuff! By Paul on 11/12/2013

    No Hasle ordering and great results. I'm trying the regular this time in stead of colorchange...tds meter will tell me when its time...BRS has been my key to success sofar...tank is doing great!
  • good stuff wish it came individually packed for each 10 inch for longer lasting. Excellent product otherwise. By phillip on 9/16/2013

    good stuff wish it came individually packed for each 10 inch for longer lasting. Excellent product otherwise.
  • Works every time By Jocelyn on 8/14/2013

    Great stuff great price works every time.
  • Great Product By Troy on 8/13/2013

    I have used the color changing media for a couple of years without a problem and just changed to the non color changing since I have tds meters and always have a backup supply I don't need to see the depletion. They both work great and are a great value as well.
  • Nicely Done By Aaron on 6/29/2013

    Consistent TDS of zero. I love the little extra resin supplied as it does tend to spill a bit when packing it in the canister. Easy to pack with the BRS video though. If you don't have a TDS meter the color changing resin might be a better solution, however. Either way you can't go wrong with BRS pricing and service.
  • Another great product, great price, great company. By NickP on 6/14/2013

    Product came in a thick, vacuum sealed bag. There was more in the bag than my DI canister could hold. Went from 8 TDS post-membrane to 0 TDS after the new DI resin was installed.

    As usual BRS shipped out next day & the order was here in just a couple of days. Always great customer service from the guys at BRS.
  • Great Stuff By Collin on 6/7/2013

    Works well, TDS to Zero
  • If you have a TDS meter buy it. By Joe on 3/23/2013

    My incoming TDS is 1100-1420 so I go through a lot of resin on a regular basis. Color changing resin works great without a TDS meter but depending on my incoming numbers I normally get 5-7 more gallons per cartridge refill with the non color change resin. They both work great but for those of you that have a meter go with the non color change. One more thing, no matter how much or how hard I pack the refill there's always a gap or room in the cartridge with the nuke grade after 25gals or so compared to the color changing.

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