BRS Bulk Deionization Resin - Color Changing

BRS Bulk DI Resin - Color Changing
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  • BRS Bulk DI Resin - Color Changing

BRS Bulk Deionization Resin - Color Changing

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One Cartridge Refill (1.25 lbs.) DI Resin - Color Changing
SKU: 200123
1.5 gallons (7.5 lbs.) DI Resin - Color Changing
SKU: 200121
  • Color change corresponds with rise in TDS By Phillip on 1/29/2016

    Works as mentioned. I wish I could get more life out of it, but chemistry is what it is. It all depends on your tap water quality. As soon as the color completely changes to gold, I see the TDS start to creep up. I generally get a 150 gallons of usable water from hard water after a water softener. I can't attest to the raw water quality's impact on the resin's effect or life though.
  • Good Product By mchammer on 1/23/2016

    This is the first time using this product and it seems to work as advertised.
  • Low Cost, Great Product! By Sean on 1/14/2016

    Excellent product and dummy proof with color changing attributes
  • Love it By Hamburg on 12/14/2015

    always love this stuff works great lasts awhile for me depending on how often i make water
  • TOP NOTCH PRODUCTS By DOC on 12/14/2015

    Product works great! color changing is the way to go.
  • Deionization Resin By chuck on 12/12/2015

    Great stuff, have used it many times. I like the color changing, still use the tds meter.
  • Good Stuff By Triggerfish on 12/3/2015

    Color change take the guess work out of when to change.
  • blue to brown By littleman on 11/30/2015

    This resin is great stuff.I have use nothing else since i have been in the aquarium hobby.I love it,easy to use in any rodi system.It changes color when it is used up even with a meter gauge.It lets you know when to refill with new di resin because it turns from blue to brown.Easy!!!
  • Great product By kiel on 11/25/2015

    Easy to use. Color changing is nice indicator of exhaustion.
  • Excellent By Maria on 11/21/2015

    Great product - always consistent - color changing makings easy to know when it's exhausted.

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