BRS Bulk Deionization Resin - Color Changing

BRS Bulk DI Resin - Color Changing
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  • BRS Bulk DI Resin - Color Changing
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BRS Bulk Deionization Resin - Color Changing

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One Cartridge Refill (1.25 lbs.) DI Resin - Color Changing
SKU: 200123
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1.5 gallons (7.5 lbs.) DI Resin - Color Changing
SKU: 200121
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  • Awesome and must have By on 5/20/2017

    If you have a reef and are concerned with your water, you need this stuff. I prefer the color changing to any other version because it visually lets you see when you are spent vs. wondering if you need to change your resin or not. A must have for any reefer with an RODI system.
  • Always Great By on 5/17/2017

    Bulk reef DI never fails me
  • 5/5 By on 4/9/2017

    I have no problems with this product, I ended up re-vacuum sealing the 7.5lb bag into a few smaller bags since it will last for months.
  • My go to resin By on 4/8/2017

    This continues to be my go to for resin. Great product at a great price
  • Quality Color Change Resin By on 4/7/2017

    Ordered the 1.25lb pack, enough for a single canister. BRS is awesome and gives you a bit more resin than you need, just in case you mess up and spill a little bit (like me). Fast and free shipping, perfect quantity of resin, great price.. other than that, not much else to say!
  • Great product By on 4/4/2017

    Works just as it should. Changes color when exhausted
  • Do resin By on 4/1/2017

    Great product. Wouldn't use anything else.
  • Excellent Product By on 3/29/2017

    The color change is awesome and this comes nicely packaged in a vacuum sealed bag. The larger bag provided a nice bulk discount.
  • Always Great By on 3/29/2017

    It always comes fresh and never had any problems with it.
  • Great resin! By on 3/28/2017

    Great di resin. I always use this I love brs stuff. Ordering is easy and cheap. Free delivery is awesome