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Pentek ChlorPlus Carbon Block (Chloramines Removal)

  • You need this if you have Chloramines in your water By Chad on 3/4/2014

    I've been using these for years and love that BRS carries them. Alot of water companies are using Chloramines now, and if they are, you need to be removing it from your water. This is as good as it gets for removal as far as i'm concerned.
  • Highl Recommend Adding ChlorPlus 10 Carbon Block By Kenneth on 2/17/2013

    A number of cities are starting to use Chloramine. Chloramine is becoming more common as an alternative to chlorine for water treatment and must be treated differently. Your ciity can switch over without leting you know. Chloramine left untreated can cause alge blooms in your tanks.
  • A must have! By Jesse on 4/25/2012

    I started making my own water about a year ago and since have had some algea issues. I've tried everything under the sun to correct it. Then I started researching Chloramines (after seeing a BRS video on it) and the affect it has on a reef tank. Thinking this might be my problem I called my county water supply and sure enough they use Chloramines in our water. I added this as an additional stage to my already 4 stage RO/DI unit (which made it a 5 stage now). I have already noticed that I don't get the algae breakout after top offs. So with time I hope this will rid my algae problem. Thanks Bulk Reef you opened my eyes to Chloramines.
  • No more dechlorination and dead fish By Michel on 11/30/2011

    That was a great investment and if my fish could talk, they would probably thanks me!!!
    it's expensive so I put 4 stars as value
  • It works By Brian on 9/20/2011

    Chloramines are a persistent disinfectant ... the last thing I want in a reef system. The City of Houston endeavors to provide safe, high-quality drinking water and uses Chloramines to sanitize surface water and keep it safe as it transits the over 100 year old delivery system. For me, a Chloramine filter is a slam dunk.
  • Great deal and great performance. By Alexey on 10/1/2010

    After completely tearing apart my regular RO system, I replaced the cheapo carbon filter with this guy. It cleans up chloramines which are being added to water in more and more municipalities, it's bad stuff!

    The price here was pretty good for this unit and I haven't regretted my decision. I also added a regular carbon block filter right in front of it as well. It's got a really good mesh to prevent any carbon seepage which can really affect the life of your RO membrane. Good stuff!

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