MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia Plate

MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia Plates  - Two Sizes
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  • MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia Plates  - Two Sizes

MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia Plate

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8” x 8” x 1” Plate MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia
SKU: 204111
8” x 8” x 4” Plate MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia
SKU: 204112
  • Make them bigger By Mack on 2/1/2016

    I have brought ever type except the small square ones! I plan to buy more for my predator tank! These diffently do what is advertised! I use these in combo with miracle mud and my skimmer run time is reduced to 6 hours a day!
  • Very pleased with it By japicka on 1/28/2016

    I bought two of these plates and the first one has been broken up in to pieces in order to fit into my sump properly. As one other person commented, it did cause a mini cycle in my tank but after that the benefits could be seen fairly quickly. When I do my next water change this weekend, I will probably break up the other plate and place in the sand bed to help even more.
  • almost perfect! By Nick on 1/27/2016

    i bought these to replace the foam piece in my baffle... the section in 1.5" so i needed to cut one in half. i used a dry wall hand saw and it zipped through it in no time flat. made a huge mess but life goes on. i soaked them overnight to see if they'd expand when wet. not at all, perfect right? almost!! these hold so much in i couldn't believe how much debris was still inside when i placed them in and let the water flow through. after about a week the particles started disappearing and now my water is back to being debris free. if you have to cut them, thoroughly flush them for as long as possible. if you're just gonna toss them in... do so without worry.
  • Too fragile By jsbull on 1/21/2016

    I have a deep sump and needed to raise my skimmer up a bit. I figured two of these would be perfect, as it would fix the skimmer height and add biological filtration media. Unfortunately, once this stuff gets wet, it's fragile like egg shells. Just having my skimmer sit on it broke it up into about 6 pieces. Presumably from the vibration of the pump. It didn't create a big mess, but it's now completely worthless to me and is just being shoved to the side or thrown away.

    I see value in what they are doing, but it needs to be less fragile.
  • a must have By james on 1/1/2016

    these blocks are critical to truly the best biological filtration media square footage wise, there is simply nothing that compares to surface area for benifical bacteria to grow and thrive on.
  • Great! By FishRfly on 11/21/2015

    I have not had the product in my sump long enough to comment on its effectiveness, but its proven track record says it all. I purchased the large block and cut it easily with a hack saw to produce two 8x8x2 blocks. From there I cut it to fit the width of my sump at the weir exiting the refugium to act as a bubble trap. The extra piece left over will be perfect for seeding my quarantine tank when I get around to building it.
  • Good little filter By Olcrusty on 9/28/2015

    Been in my 240 gal tank nitrates have been an ongoing problem been around 30 forever. Tank is full of big eaters 6" french angel, 5" picasso trigger, 3 yellow tangs, 8" miniatus grouper, 20" stout moray eel big messy eaters. 200lbs live rock. Block has been in sump for 3 weeks now nitrates yesterday down to 10. This thing is great
  • Fragile By David on 9/23/2015

    I ordered two, both were delivered broken. After a quick live chat, BRS sent replacements to me free of charge. I've yet to receive them, but I'm really hoping they survive the shipping. However kudos to BRS for prompt and fantastic customer service. You guys are doing it right!
  • Excellent By Jessica on 9/17/2015

    Ordered the 8" x 8" x 4" due to the better value and was easily able to have it cut in smaller sizes to fit inside my sump. Water flows right through it and the amount of surface area is awesome. I plan on ordering at least one more block since my live rock in the main display is minimal.
  • Waiting to see results By Wayne on 8/19/2015

    i bought it based on reviews and talking to the rep at a marine conference. It hasn't affected the flow in my sump but I am waiting to see how it affects my levels. So far it is exactly what was promised and it was easy to cut with a sturdy knife. Just make sure to rinse after cutting to clean out dust.

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