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MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia 1½” Spheres  - Two Sizes
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  • MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia 1½” Spheres  - Two Sizes

MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia
1 12” Spheres

  • Very porous and lots of are in a small package By Ronstopbl on 3/4/2014

    Replaced regular plastic bio balls in my sump tank and what a difference these things made! Zero detectable nitrates! Lots of little critters hanging out between them! With limited space for live rock, these are the next best thing!
  • Marine Pure Bio Media By Mark on 1/9/2014

    I have been using this product for over 2 years. I found them superior to plastic bio balls as they don't clog or cause elevated nitrates.

    I highly recommend

    You need very little compared to plastic bio balls, surface area of this product is amazing
  • Awesome bioball replacement By Sheen on 12/27/2013

    I've been using this product for my reef tank for over a year now and it's working great. It never needed to be take out and washed, it seems to stay clean without any maintenance. I was worried that the pores would be clogged eventually but it wasn't the case. It does produce some sand like particles that settles under the sump.
  • A Great Idea By lobro4 on 12/8/2013

    My sump has limited space. I am using these in lieu of sand. If they should get too gross, they are easily cleaned and ready to serve again. Lots of porous surface.
  • Incredibly Light By Jonathan on 6/13/2013

    From looking at the pictures you would not know just how porous these are. They feel almost as light at Styrofoam which should give you a better idea.
  • Better then your standard BB By Zombie Rock on 5/24/2013

    Replaced standard BB, prevent N factory! Must have!
  • Excellent Product By Bosley on 3/15/2013

    I have these in my sump/refugium I feel they do and excellent job all my water test reading are checking out great. In the past I used plastic bio balls sometimes struggled with high phosphates and nitrates. Not knocking the plastic ones I just really believe in this product. My experience I give it thumbs up.
  • Good stuff By Eric S on 9/17/2012

    Added two quart box of spheres to my sump and am confident it is working. Easy to put anywhere and don't need nearly as much rubble in sump saving valuable space. I recommend. Thanks BRS!
  • Great stuff. By Mark on 7/26/2012

    Marine Pure Biomedia 1.5" spheres are an awesome product. They work perfectly in the back of my Innovative Marine Nuvo Nano 8 tank. They work so well I will be buying a larger quantity for my new 240 gallon SPS dominant reef build. They will make a perfect addition to the sump.

    Price could be a little better and making them different shapes like live rock is an awesome idea. I have recommended them to friends and they love them also.
  • Great By Christopher on 10/4/2011

    This is grate media and remains wet for days out of water.

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