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Aquarium Overflow 1200 GPH Overflow Box - Side 1
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  • Aquarium Overflow 1200 GPH Overflow Box - Side 1
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Aquarium Overflow 1200 GPH Overflow Box

SKU: 206071

  • Great overflow By Brian on 3/20/14

    Strong, rugged, well put together. Used silicone adhesive from BRS and worked perfect. A note, if installing a Herbie, the overflow is not that tall and you don't get much of a height differential, in fact I ended up with mine at the exact same height (still works great with elbows in the bulkhead). One of the BRS videos shows one high and one significantly lower. This is not the case with the overflow being a total height of only 5"
  • IT'S WIFE APPROVAL! By Ryan on 3/1/14

    After picking up a tank in a yard sale my wife said no way! The tank was drilled and like most of us the guy had done his own diy thing on the tank. It was a Rubbermaid container cut in half and silicone on and I have to say it did look bad. But after getting new overflow box which was a quick fix I got the approval from my wife thanks BRS!
  • WONDERFUL By JWEPPEL on 2/26/14

  • High Quality By JR on 1/16/14

    Great overflow! Saved me a ton of time and money!
  • Good overflow box By Fish Man on 12/6/13

    This overflow box is very well built. It is easy to install with silicone. I used it for two 3/4 inch PVC overflow tubes for my 29 gallon tank. It was just the right size.
  • NICE!!! By STEVE on 9/27/13

    Very nice and well built box.
  • nice buy By lovetoclown on 7/30/13

    Looks great and is well made.
  • Simple and effective By samuel on 7/30/13

    this seems like something that would be too simple to work but thats why it does, no moving parts to fail, no u tube to break siphon. Simple but extremely effective.
  • Great overflow box By Ernie on 5/26/13

    Very clean, water tight!! Great box,i love DIY :)
    BRS #1
  • Very good By Dan on 4/21/13

    Very solid overflow and a great value for it.

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