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Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

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Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer


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25 Ft. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer
SKU: 206098
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50 Ft. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer
SKU: 206097
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  • This product is great!! By Frank on 3/8/2015

    This makes doing a water change so much easier, I have no issues wih this product
  • No way to tell how much water has been removed By William on 2/10/2015

    I change a percentage of my water weekly. However not only does this product waste water, you have no idea how much water you have removed. It is too easy to either siphon too much, or not enough. Not for me....I'll go back to buckets
  • meh By Brian on 12/13/2014

    It's fine. The tubing doesn't mate very well with the barbed fittings. Something is not right. You can get them on, but it seems like something was overlooked when choosing the tubing and/or developing the inlet and outlet fixtures. It works fine, though. The only downside (that I just noticed when using it the first time) is that by having your water dumped in the sink you have to kinda guesstimate how much you pulled out. I think I prefer the other version with the hand pump and siphoning into a bucket.
  • Save your money By Gil on 7/29/2014

    I purchased the 50ft model to do water changes on my 330 gal reef system. My opinion, save your money and purchase a Python gravel vac. They use a larger internal diameter hose than the Aqueon model. When I used the Aqueon vac the hose starts to collapse from the suction. My Python that I had a few years back never had that problem, so I was a little disappointed in the performance of Aqueons siphon.
    I do like the shutoff valve on the gravel tube though.
  • Versatile and Handy By Lucas on 3/8/2014

    I bought the 50' version and it was well worth it.

    In the summer I can hook it up to the garden hose spigot outside. In the winter it connects to a sink faucet. It works great when using it as an old fashioned manual siphon as well. It fits on the outlet of a maxi jet so I can refill the tank from my mixing barrel. It works with a 1/2" barb fitting and hose clamp if your mixing station is hard plumbed to an external pump.

    It has saved me a lot of carrying buckets!
  • Better than a bucket! By Chris on 12/29/2013

    Have had no issues with the plastic inserts and I am currently threading it in and out of my bathroom faucet on a weekly basis.
    Creats descent suction for getting mild algae off your rocks but will clog if anything larger gets sucked in there accidentally.
    Been going on a year now and will buy another if it fails on me. Worth the investment
  • No more buckets for me! By Greg on 6/4/2013

    Easy to use and no more buckets!

    As other reviewers have said...make sure your sink and/or drain can handle the flow. I use a laundry tub for mine, so I have no issues.
  • Fair Value By Jake on 6/3/2013

    Convenient product if your prior method was using a bucket and short hose. However, it falls short of performance when compared to similar products by other manufacturers. Biggest complaint is the plastic tee that screws onto the sink is too weak and will snap after short usage. Second complaint is the hose is rather rigid and doesn't roll up well, it's a soft hose, but not vintage soft. I prefer softer tubing such as in Python's kit. However, Aqueon does have great customer support and will send replacement tee's when they break.
  • I was disappointed By Jeff on 5/2/2013

    I bought the 50' version of this, and was really optimistic. I have a pretty big tank (240 gallons), and was looking forward to avoiding buckets for the huge water changes. However, I found it less than ideal.

    1) It seems really wasteful to flush the fresh water down the drain continuously in order to pull some saltwater out of the tank.
    2) The connector that is used to hook it up to the faucet is really flimsy and is undoubtedly going to fail me in a few months.
    3) Once you have emptied the tank of the water, the 50' of tube is full of waste water and is relatively difficult to empty.

    I would not buy this again. I think I'm going to adopt a cart-based approach that uses a pump instead.
  • Make sure your drain isn't too slow By Travis on 4/1/2013

    This product ended up being a wasted purchase. Nothing was wrong with the item, per se, but my bathroom sink drain is notoriously slow. All the snaking in the world won't make it run faster. This item has the best suction when water is turned all the way on, which continues to overflow the sink. Keep sink location in mind or get the longer hose to open up some drain options.

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