Vertex V-Link Wireless Controller

Vertex V-Link Wireless Controller
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  • Vertex V-Link Wireless Controller

Vertex V-Link Wireless Controller

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  • It's a must! By Stephane on 5/27/2014

    You bought a vertex? u need this. period.

    The problem is that the light doesn't use standard wifi. it uses it's own wireless technology to communicate to PCs. So this adapter allows your PC to connect to your light to send it some programing instructions. At the amount the light goes for, you would figure this 'adapter' would be included with it.

    There are no instructions/software. (NOT even a website). You are left on your own. Thank you google! I was able to download all the software and manuals. Mac users... forget it! user bootcamp or a virutal machine because if you try the mac version (which is way way way out of date) u'll just be wasting your time. there are so many bugs in the mac version that i gave up. Using bootcamp and windows 7 i got the PC version up and going within 1 hour. Then struggled for the next 4 days trying to get the programing right. bugs caused weird behaviors with the light.

    All in all, if you want to use all the features on your light you need this. however, be prepared to do some googling...

  • challenging software intallation By Nils on 5/26/2013

    If you have a windows 64 bit system, you must go to and install he latest patch. I got "no 32bit JVM" installed error but this resolved after in installed it and confirmed it was running. Some internet browsers will block Java so you have to explicitly allow it to test whether you have this currently up and running - only then will the Vertex software installation be able to complete.
  • If you bought the light, you have to buy this unit By CJ on 2/25/2013

    After using it, I have to consider this "add-on" a minimum requirement to make the light functional. As such, I resent the fact that it's sold separately.

    It also contains no instructions, and although you can find them online, for the price, a hardcopy booklet would not be unwarranted.

    The software is kludgy and awkward, but at least functional... as long as you're running Windows. The Mac version displays incorrectly and is functionally useless on that platform. The Windows version is functional, but immature and clearly not professionally designed (big cartoonish images that don't do anything, no decent error messages, etc.).
  • A must have By Robert on 12/30/2012

    If you order the vertex light this controller is a must have. makes programming the light a breeze....
  • Great product.. great software! By Shawn on 9/21/2012

    As with most of the vertex lighting products I ordered they didn't come with software. I easily found all software at the vertex site. my V-Link had the latest firmware so need to upgrade. I set my LED 3ft 260 Vertex light to Channel 0 and Master and then connected the V-Link to my device. I easily updated the firmware on the light after reading the directions posted on the vertex site.

    1) Software is pretty amazing. It is a well thought out interface. The directions could use a bit more explaining when it comes to the sunrise / sunset settings and the moon settings. Overall the software is very easy to use.

    2) The upload/download functions combined with some of the other options in the same panel take some getting used to. Not everything is explained in the directions but with a little time and testing you'll figure it out pretty quickly.

    My final thoughts: This V-Link is a must have if you want to experience the full range of options that are part of the Vertex lighting systems. If you bought the light for its factory default settings then you don't need this V-Link. However, who would buy this light and use only the standard settings?

    Here is the link to all the software for this product... including firmware and directions..
  • Wonderful addition to my fixture By Jonathan on 9/4/2012

    There are a lot of functions and features that this little unit provides. It was a bit daunting until I found the manual on the web.

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