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BRS 5 Stage Drinking & Reef Plus
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BRS 5 Stage Drinking & Reef PLUS
RO/DI System - 75GPD

SKU: 200460

  • Awesome product. By Steve on 2/5/14

    I have been using this system almost two years without one problem. I remember it being easy to install and well made for the price point. I use it to supply RO water to the refrigerator and RO/DI water for the nano tank. I use about 50 gallons a month with zero change to output or water quality over the last two years. The best part, it paid for itself because the refrigerator filter costs about $60 and lasted 6 months but now the water is so clean it never clogs ups...
  • where has this been all my life! By Daina on 1/26/14

    Don't wait another minute! Just buy it! This installed easily even if you have never installed anything like this, like me. The parts are so simple and in labeled baggies so that you can keep them straight. It has instructions that are clear and easy to read, and are formatted in a stepwise fashion. There is a helpful numbered diagram to help if you get lost. If you only use the water from your RO/DI units to provide high quality water for your aquarium inhabitants, you should definitely upgrade and get the drinking water storage tank with faucet so that you can also benefit!!! It tastes great! If you are worried about the noise from the other reviews, don't. It is pretty significant that first hour while flushing the membrane, but barely audible while the tank is filling. You only have to flush the membrane occasionally so I wouldn't worry. Even so the noise is brief and much shorter/less noisy than that of a dishwasher or some other appliance in your kitchen. This is the best tasting water, easily installed, and a great value, PLUS you can be assured that your aquarium inhabitants will be healthier!
  • Nice to have for you and your fish By Tanner on 1/13/14

    The RO/DI filter and faucet was a breeze to install and works great. It is nice having the TDS meter to be able to see how efficiently the filters are working. The water tastes great coming out of the RO portion and the pressure out of the reserve tank is very nice. The TDS meter shows 0 TDS coming out of the DI filter. Aside from the convenience of being able to mix your on saltwater and always having fresh on hand, buying the drinking combo is a nice way to help justify the purchase, especially if you have a smaller tank. All the parts required were included and I would definitely recommend buying this product.
  • Awesome Product By Scott on 1/5/14

    We've been running this system for just over 8 months now, and all I can say is wow. The drinking water has been fantastic (no more lugging gallon jugs). And the DI water for my reef tanks has made a huge difference. Love this system and BRS.
  • The best! By Richard on 11/15/13

    The best thing I've purchased for my tank. Not to mention we are loving the drinking water. Delicious! Another justification for paying the price.
  • Excellent Product -couldn't be happier By Tommy on 10/31/13

    This system was exactly what I was looking for. I recently purchased a large aquarium and decided to invest in an RO/DI unit so I could make my own quality water. The tap water where I live is horrid and tastes awful. So I decided to try this combo unit so I could use it for drinking water and aquarium water. I honestly didn't think the drinking water would taste differently but it does. The water tastes better than any bottled water I've had. No more cases of water bottles and no trips to my LFS for water changes. This system is worth the investment.
  • AWESOME!!! By Megan on 10/18/13

    This system is well built and easy to use :-) Big plus is the water taste AMAZING!!! I am on well water right now.
  • Works good By Kristie on 7/3/13

    Easy to hook up, came with all parts
  • Great Bang For the Buck! By RobertG on 6/24/13

    I bought this after looking for a usable RO unit for family and my reef. I am sold on RO water for consumption but the DI part puts it over the top! The TDS meter is awesome as well as the PSI gauge. Took about a couple of hours to put it under the sink and was good to go overnight.
  • Great Unit By bonafide reefer on 6/12/13

    I'm very pleased! Great instructions I do recommend this kit. The pressure gauge and TDS meter is great i don't understand why you would buy a RO/DI unit with out them.

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