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Algae Free Magnetic Glass Cleaner

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Algae Free Magnetic Glass Cleaner


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Algae Free The Piranha Float
SKU: 205700
Earn 40 Reward Points

reg. $44.99

Special Price: $40.49

Algae Free The Hammerhead Float
SKU: 205701
Earn 62 Reward Points

reg. $69.99

Special Price: $62.99

Algae Free Tiger Shark Float
SKU: 205702
Earn 89 Reward Points

reg. $99.99

Special Price: $89.99

Algae Free The Great White
SKU: 205703
Earn 116 Reward Points

reg. $129.99

Special Price: $116.99

  • Great Product By Declan on 2/7/2015

    I've owned other magnets, this is by far the best. Worth every penny.
  • It works By Fishntyme on 1/22/2015

    These magnets are better than others I could find at my LFS. Quick easy cleaning.
  • Solid piece of equipment By Christopher on 12/24/2014

    This is one strong magnet. It does a great job cleaning the glass. The only drawback I have found is that it is hard to grip.
  • Strong bond. Larger than expected. By Jasper on 10/22/2014

    I purchased the smallest size, and it's quite a bit larger than I expected. Expect to have trouble getting into tight spots, but very rapidly clean open areas.

    The magnet bonds stronger than all other scrubbers I have used. I don't feel like I'll loose the inside piece if I move too quickly. It's secure and scrubs well.
  • Even works on Coraline By Johnny Sea on 9/23/2014

    Purchased the Piranha and it is strong enough to even work through built up Coraline. Like others have said be careful with these they will snap together and catch your finger! If you let these get together without something in between be ready for a workout.
  • much better than a mag float By mark on 8/27/2014

    upgraded to a 1/2" thick acrylic tank, and the largest mag float I could buy locally just wouldn't stay connected, this is powerful and the pad they sent really scrubs well without scratching
  • love it! By Jennifer on 6/3/2014

    I love this cleaner. the magnet is super strong, cleans really well and it has a much better look to it then a chunk of plastic for a magnetic cleaner. It would be kinda cool if they had different wood colors so you could match it to your stand. but it is a much more polished look than the others out there.
  • works like it says! By reef geek on 3/14/2014

    works perfect on my acrylic just have to wash the pad a little to make sure theres no sand or debris and you wont scratch otherwise yes it is very powerful magnet and will leave a nice owy
  • Pay attention before use! By AlexL on 2/6/2014

    It works just as stated. Only thing you must be careful with is that the magnet catches from the back side of the scrubber also. And if there's any hard build up, and you swipe, you more likely will scratch your glass. That's how i got a 6 inch scratch in my front glass :(
    So please be aware of what side it's on before use.
    Other than that its the best magnet scrubber ever used.
  • Great product By Smallreef on 1/14/2014

    I have always had Mag floats; but with this new very thick acrylic tank, it just wouldn't hold on, let alone clean anything. Ordered the Floating Tiger Shark and I have to say I am very pleased; not only with its hold...these magnets are strong, but the cleaning ability, and the extra pads included. I feel this magnetic cleaner will last me much longer than any product I have previously used.

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