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CPR SOCKIT 4” SOCK-it Filter Sock Holder

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CPR SOCKIT 4” SOCK-it Filter Sock Holder


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4" SOCK-it Filter Sock Holder with Filter Sock
SKU: 205961
Earn 31 Reward Points
4" SOCK-it Filter Sock Holder
SKU: 205960
Earn 28 Reward Points
  • East to install & looks great By Sean on 3/20/2014

    These sock holders look attractive, are easy to install, and have a good design.
  • Great for what it is By David on 1/14/2014

    Good thick felt sock was very effective at trapping gunk. Convenient as a portable sock bracket - hang it on a bucket if needed.
    Adjustable length inlet tube is a great feature - but I wish it were more securely attached to the bracket.
  • Great pre filter By John on 3/29/2013

    Does just as it should and catches almost all free floating debris. A must for that crystal clear water.
  • Great buy! By Mark on 10/9/2012

    Now I can lose the bio balls and put in a fat cone skimmer. Shipping is fast!
  • 50/50 on this one By roger on 4/27/2011

    This thing does keep everything in my sump cleaner which i like but has some draw backs. one is its a pain to change the fiter sock and that long pipe gets every thing wet when i change it. for me thats about every four days. i would cut the pipe but after experimenting with this it started a loud chug chug sound. make sure to get a bunch of extra fiter socks too because there a pain to clean (i do mine in the washing machine). i think the mesh socks would be easier than the felt one that i have. one more thing, make sure there is enough room above your sump or you will not be able to lift the pipe out of the way to change the filter. sounds like a neg reveiw but it is the best way i know of to get all the lil particals that used to float around my tank out and keep my sump squeeky clean, so for that i do recommend this product.
  • Nice but not bullet proof By Joe on 2/28/2011

    Been using one for a few years, I managed to break the black acrylic at the bend as its a weakened the way they form the bend. Got creative with a way to still use it and it still is fine. Depending how long you make the pipe in the sock it can be hard to get a sock on/off but it also quiets the water sound having the pipe a little longer.
  • Quality Product By Nick on 1/30/2011

    Good quality and sturdy.

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