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Hydor Koralia Evolution Packaging
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  • Hydor Koralia Evolution
  • Hydor Koralia Evolution Packaging

Hydor Koralia Evolution Powerhead

  • Quiet when running By David on 4/22/14

    They are quiet, well made pumps. I have 3 of the 1500. I wouldn't want them on a controller though. I turn them off to feed daily and when they first start up its a very audible noise. Setting these up on a timer would be quite annoying. For strong constant flow, you couldn't go wrong.
  • Two Thumbs Up for Hydor By Jordan on 4/13/14

    Now this review is not really for the two 600gph evolution powerheads themselves that i bought which work great, but it is more for their customer service if anyone has to ever contact them. I ordered two 600gph heads from BRS. When I got the package I opened every item to inspect to make sure that everything was present, intact, and not broken. One of the powerheads' attachment clips for the upper chamber was broken off. It appeared to be a cause of the assembly from Hydor and not shipping. I shot them a quick email to tell them of the issue, and within 24 hours they responded stating they would send a new upper chamber by the end of the week. It arrived just as they stated. So for anyone here who not only cares about how well the product works but also about communication with their customer service, Hydor's was excellent.
  • Great power head By Alli on 4/3/14

    This power head worked great in my 60g for a year and now that I upgraded my tank I use it to circulate my standby water. I have used and abused this thing and it is works like day one.
  • good but not for wavemaker By Jason on 3/27/14

    This has a nice broad flow, not a stream like some power heads out there. The clicking on start up is not acceptable with a controller, I am going to try a sicce evo 4 as a replacement.
  • only last about 6 months until they crap out By Brennen on 3/26/14

    I have 3 of these pumps. They work great for about 5-6 months. Then they start to clog up and the flow is never the same again. They constantly start in reverse. These pumps also can start making noise down the road. I ended up getting a mp40.
  • Good but loud on start up. By Beagle on 3/21/14

    I like the mount, the flow and the price. But after hooking them up to my Red Sea Wavemaster, I think I'm going to try and unload them and go with something else, maybe a Sicce. I read all kinds of review of people using them on their wave systems and happy. But the clicking at times is almost unbearable.
  • Great power head By Scott on 3/21/14

    I bought 2 of these for my 55 mixed reef. Water movement is strong, but gentile enough so not to blow my frags out of the sand. Works great in conjunction with the wave maker. Would defenatly buy Evo's again from BRS.
  • GREAT By JWEPPEL on 3/14/14

  • Do not use on a wave maker. By David on 2/24/14

    I purchased two of the 1500 gph's for my 90 gallon tank as an upgrade for the wave timer, I had been running two older 800 gph power-heads and wanted more water moment. After installing the new Hydor units it became apparent that you could no longer sit in the same room with the wave timer on. The clicking that the heads made was so loud. After 24 hours of use they came out of the tank. I am currently using one as a stirring pump in my salt water barrel. Pump is good for water movement but do not use on a wavemaker.
  • Noisy when used with wavemaker By Pegasus on 2/17/14

    I bought three 1150's when I was using a NaturalWave pump timer, and they did okay. I bought a Red Sea Wavemaster and another 1150. The constant clicking/clacking from the pumps on startup was driving my wife and I crazy. It was SO annoying! I sold three on ebay, kept one for mixing saltwater, and bought 4 Sicce Voyager 3's. What a difference... I can actually take a nap in the same room now. Yes, the V3's were more expensive, but they are well worth it. Totally silent startup and running make my tank much more enjoyable. However, these pumps are fine if they are constantly running. On a wavemaker... not so much.

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