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Bubble Magus Dosing Pump

  • Very happy with it By Eric on 12/7/13

    I have both the t01 and t02, very happy with them. Just added the t02, have had the t01 for almost a year. Only issue is the clock runs fast on the t01. After a week or so it is fast by about 5 minutes. I just adjust it whenever I notice it is off.
  • so far, so good By dru234 on 8/29/13

    The dosing pump has been up and running for about a week. It was easy and intuitive to program initially and to make adjustments. As others have pointed out, the buttons are quite stiff, but this probably serves the purpose of not causing any inadvertent program changes.The three pumps in one attractive and compact package is great. Skip the tube holder> It's expensive and won't fit the rim of any aquarium or sump that I know of.
  • Great Doser By Robert on 7/28/13

    This doser automates your dosing and is accurate and works great. The built in program automatically calculates the number of doses per day (even though you can change it to more of less times per day). I highly suggest this doser for its ease of programing and how well it works. I use 3 one gallon containers to mix my CA, ALK and MG.

    As my corals grow or when I add more to the tank, I slowly increase the dose until my stats level off again.
  • Failed out of the box By jeremy on 4/29/13

    Set up the dosing pump and after a month my calc/alk was way out of whack and corals suffered. I tested the pump and found that pump 1 and 3 functioned properly, but pump 2 never worked which threw calc/alk out of balance.

    Doesn't speak well for this product when a pump malfunctions immediately.
  • Easy to set-up. Easy to use. By Tommy Gee on 3/19/13

    I had been debating for some time as to whether or not to spend the money and add a doser. Would it be everything I expected?

    Up until the purchase of this product I always dosed manually. Not any more!

    The Bubble Magus BM-T01 noty only takes away the stress associated with missing doses (or under/over dosing) additives, it provides peace of mind (eliminates worry) not to mention additional leisure time to spend with my better half!

    The one downside with this unit is the operating noise. It's noticeable.

    All things considered, I am very satisfied. The BM-T01 delivers everything I expected and is a solid value.

    If you're looking to automate additive dosing, I recommend you strongly consider the BM-T01. You won't be dissapointed.
  • Great Unit By Curtis on 3/10/13

    First unit was received DOA . BRS quickly sent out a replacement.

  • could not be happier By Jason on 2/10/13

    Ordered this product and it was one of the best things I did for my aquarium. Corals have instantly responded to the stability. Works great, easy to use. very very happy
  • GET IT !! By TOM on 12/3/12

    Had mine for over a year, does EXACTLY what I bought it for; accurately doses Mg, Ca, and Alk. It got so good that i starting testing once a week (instead of 2 or 3 times). I'm that comfortable with this pump. Had to replace one head (after 1 year) easy to do and 25 bones at BRS, big deal. This is one of those products you don't realize how awesome it is until you get another tank and are dosing manually (oh yeah !!, I will be ordering another for that tank). I am a perfectionist and this pump has not disappointed. I researched for 3 months before getting this unit, don't wait, get it !!
  • Time saver By Kwadwo on 10/8/12

    Great for a reef tank. Set it and dont have to manual dose every day. Great for when your away from home for extended period of time. Makes your tank more enjoyable without worrying about dosing chemicals all the time.
  • Very Useful Device By brandon on 8/14/12

    The BM T01 is an amazing addition to any reef aquarium. It is extremely straight forward and easy to use and making adjustments is quick and painless. The only downside is that is not connectable to tank controllers such as the neptune apex, which would be just about the only thing that could make this better! That said, the motor heads are solid and I have not witnessed any back syphoning. Its relatively quiet and not bothersome the few seconds its running. The self splitting of dosing throughout the day is also a great feature so that you do not shock any inhabitants or throw off any tank parameters by dosing all at once. All this said, I dont think I could live with out this doser, it simply made my life and my reefs life that much better!

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