T5 Giesemann Pure Actinic

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T5 Giesemann Pure Actinic

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39W - 36” T5 Giesemann Pure Actinic
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54W - 48” T5 Giesemann Pure Actinic
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  • Great product Could be a better price :) By CaliO on 11/2/2013

    I bought this because my blues and purples were fading. Since adding the one bulb to a 4 bulb fixture. Those colors have came back and then some. I wouldn't recommend them if you dont have at least a 4 bulb system as their natural spectrum limits par (growth).

  • Good bulb but not for me By John on 7/7/2013

    This is a good bulb it makes most corals pop but I found that it does dull out some I have a my Miami chalice that doesn't look like anything when these bulbs are on also I have a green mandarin and the colors pop with a blue actinic but again it dulls out under these bulbs
  • Great bulb By Roman on 5/28/2012

    I know there are a lot of bulb tests by trusted guys on forums, but there is a lot of info missing from those tests and it all seems to just come down to numbers on those sites. I used a PAR meter and have tested a lot of different bulbs and taken some pictures along with the testing. I also tested in water not just in the air under the bulbs. These bulbs are not for growth, Par numbers go from 65 in 3 inches of water to 35 in 15 inches of water. So you won't be growing coral under it. But what you will get with this bulb is a nice pop to all the colors in your tank. Some of the other "mixed" bulbs tended to wash out greens or wash out blues while it made other colors pop. This bulb is one that will give you pop on every color in your tank, and really help bring out even the most drab looking corals in my opinion. While it does cost more money than some of the other actinics out there, I would say sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
  • Wow! What pop! By Tom M on 4/10/2011

    I love this bulb . I use it as an actinic supplement to my MH lighting. This bulb really makes the greens, blues and purples pop in my corals.
  • Not the best option. By Geddy on 11/12/2010

    I have tried one of these at one end of my 6 foot tank while using an actinic + at the other. Both are nice and the pure actinic does pop a little more but you are giving up some coral growth and everyone I asked to give me an opinion picked the actinic + end as more pleasing. (due to the blue tint compared to purple)
    So the bulb works fine as a pure actinic but I suggest you try actinic plus.

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