T5 Giesemann Aqua Blue Plus

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T5 Giesemann Aqua Blue Plus

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54W - 48” T5 Giesemann Aqua Blue Plus
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  • Love the Giesemann bulbs By Jeremy on 7/24/2012

    After including this bulb along with a Actinic + my coral have really responded well and the bulbs really make the colors pop also. Will definitely be switching out my other bulbs when the time comes.
  • perfect blue By jj on 3/28/2012

    great product that offers exactly what the ad says. great price
  • awesome color By derek on 3/19/2011

    These bulbs blew my old bulbs away, great color spectrum and great price on here.
  • Great standalone or addition By Derrick on 3/14/2011

    I have a 20K metal halide I run as a primary during "daylight hours" (with this T5) during sunrise/set times I run 1 of these by itself and really like the color. Its is a blueish white light. If your looking for a light as a stand alone(or pair) and don't have 5/6 bulbs across where you can mix them up, this is a great light. My only consern is it does get hot and if you rub your ram up against it(like I did moving rock around) it Flipping hurts. Compared to my MH though its not as hot.

    I recently switched my lighting over to T5 from MH because of heat issues. I had ordered several bulbs from various makers so I could test them out to see which one would give me the same appearance as the MH. This bulb really shines and my corals are loving it. No problems with my SPS in my tank so to all those that say you cant keep SPS with T5...I beg to differ!!!!
  • Exactly right. By Geddy on 11/12/2010

    Just as BRS states.

    "We find the Geisemann Aquablue Plus to be a crispy white color with just a hint of blue. This bulb goes well with the Geisemann Actinic Plus"

    I don't know why they named it Blue + exactly but it works very well with the Actinic Plus. I have run two of these with one Actinic + and I have also run one of these with 2 Actinic + bulbs. Coral growth was a little better with two of these (mixed reef) but even one does a very good job since the Actinic + help out too. It comes down to how much of the blue look you want vs coral growth.

    Great bulb combo IMO.
  • Excellent By bclever on 4/23/2010

    I replaced the stock bulbs in my Current USA Nova Extreme Pro with three of these and three of the Actinic Plus bulbs and the difference is dramatic.
    These bulbs are significantly brighter than the stock bulbs and really do make
    the corals pop. I wish I had a PAR meter to put some data here but I'm totally
    sold on these bulbs.

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