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T5 ATI True Actinic 03

  • Colors pop By Mike on 3/16/2014

    These lights will make your corals colors jump out at you. Pretty cool
  • Great By Julio on 3/10/2014

    Great color and pop on corals
  • great bulb By Jason on 1/11/2014

    This is the best actinic bulb I have ever bought. I bought this with the blue plus and coral plus I love the color.
  • Excellent Bulb By Jimbo on 12/16/2013

    This bulb has excellent blue color makes my corals pop.
  • GREAT BULB By JAY on 11/20/2013

  • Great bulb By Jeffrey on 7/8/2013

    Have been using these bulbs for over 5 years, great performance. In combination with their purple plus and blue plus bulbs, coral growth and colors are super. I would highly recommend this bulb.
  • awesome supplement By Chris on 3/21/2013

    I have used many different T5 bulbs, and after reviews, and forum research. I decided to try ATI... Since the first build buy a year and and a half ago. I don't buy anything else ....ATI for me !
  • Shipped fast, well packaged and look great By Matt on 2/20/2013

    Using these to supplement 14k 250w MHs. Along with 2 ATI blue plus they give my tank the color I was looking for.
  • First Class Bulbs! By Rob on 11/28/2012

    I swtiched from Metal Halides to ATI T5 fixture. It gave me much cooler temp., but still has great growth. Also, color combination options. I run 2 Blue Plus, 2 True Actinic, 1 Aqua Blue Special, and 1 Purple plus and it give my tank the perfect amount of white and blue light that I was looking for!! Great bulb!
  • Crazy Greens By Roman on 5/27/2012

    I PAR tested this bulb and was getting about 70 in 3 inches of water and about 36 in 15 inches. I have been doing bulb comparisons on every bulb I can get my hands on. Also trying different combos in my fixture. I'm using a Current Outer Orbit with 4 x T5s and a Metal Halide. This is not a bulb you would want to use for growth, but certainly it brings in the colors. Who wants a tank full of giant but drab corals? Drop this in the fixture and watch things come alive. It makes pretty much all the colors in your corals and fish really pop, but it really makes greens go crazy. This bulb pulls out green colors you never realized you had. Some of my chalices really popped with it, and my Pink Jade acro looked like it was plugged in. If you really want to see some amazing greens in your tank this bulb will do the trick and really help highlight them!

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