T5 True Actinic 03 - ATI

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T5 True Actinic 03 - ATI

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24W - 24” T5 ATI True Actinic 03
SKU: 204339
39W - 36” T5 ATI True Actinic 03
SKU: 204340
54W - 48” T5 ATI True Actinic 03
SKU: 204341
80W - 60” T5 ATI True Actinic 03
SKU: 204344
  • Best T5s ever. By squareface on 12/18/2015

    Great color.
  • A must have IMO. By Mitch on 12/16/2015

    This bulb makes colors pop some. But most of it's spectra is a wavelength of light we just cannot see. I wouldn't say that my corals colors became brighter under this light. But richer. After a month you will see the difference, if you have not used a bulb of this caliber before.
  • LOVE IT By Russell on 12/13/2015

    BRS is the best my Corals love this light and so do i, i use this light to wake up my corals and to put them to sleep they are a great light and works better than most
  • no difference By a grandis on 11/30/2015

    Well, I've used this bulb in a 8 bulb Power Module ATI fixture and I couldn't see anything positive from it. I actually notice that is was weak to the eyes, consequently affecting the overall aspect of the tank. I changed for an ATI blue Plus and that was a better choice for the PAR alone. My combination at that time was 2 aqua blue special, 1 true actinic and 5 Blue Plus bulbs. Never used it again after that.

    I believe the health/colors of the inverts need to come from other sources than pure reflection from colored bulbs. The protein pigments are reflecting from light source, but in a natural way, more towards the 10000K - 14000K range of the spectrum.
    I also believe that nutrition from particle foods would help colors found in most cnidarians.

  • VERY NICE By Ed on 6/18/2015

    Way better than what i was expecting from my stock bulbs. They look great make colors look way better.
  • The best By David on 6/5/2015

    Coral growth and looks speaks for itself. Definitely worth buying these bulbs!
  • Great bulb By James on 3/23/2015

    It gives corals the extra kick in color. used one in a 4 bulb fixture and it brought the colors out that extra bit.
  • ATI 54 w t5 By blane71 on 12/30/2014

    Great bulb adds alot to aquarium have a nice shimmer recommend all the varieties.
  • Great Bulbs By Brad on 12/24/2014

    Great bulb combos for growth and color pop, no need to look for anything other than ati!
  • awesome By dominick on 11/13/2014

    I got these bulbs to replace my old ones,makes corals color pop

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