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T5 ATI Purple Plus

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T5 ATI Purple Plus


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24W - 24” T5 ATI Purple Plus
SKU: 204336
Earn 19 Reward Points
39W - 36” T5 ATI Purple Plus
SKU: 204337
Earn 20 Reward Points
54W - 48” T5 ATI Purple Plus
SKU: 204338
Earn 21 Reward Points
80W - 60” T5 ATI Purple Plus
SKU: 204345
Earn 23 Reward Points
  • ati purple+ By lance on 3/14/2015

    amazing color and brightness!!!! great price
  • purple plus ati By blane71 on 12/25/2014

    Awesome bulb puts off amazing light and color recommend highly.
  • Great ATI Combo Accent By Christopher on 11/15/2014

    I recently upgraded my mix of other company's bulbs to the ATI line with a 4 bulb fixture of 2 Blue Plus, one Purple Plus, and one Coral Plus. I didn't expect a huge change as the previous group was a similar combination and less than 6 months old, but wow was I wrong! I was instant impressed by how much more the greens, pinks, purples, and oranges came out. It took what was good looking corals to the next level. Plus the overall increase in brightness was definitely not just visual as coral growth and visual health has improved. I will certainly buy these again when the time comes.
  • Cool color By John on 7/12/2014

    I have a 6 bulb ATI Sunpower fixture and I run 1 of these, 2 ATI Aquablue Specials, and 3 ATI Blue Plus. It sounds like a lot of blue but it really isn't too much. I get great growth. The only bad comment I ever had about my tank came from my wife. When I first installed these, it was too bright in the living room and she wanted me to move the tank because it was distracting her from the TV. I'll take complaints like that all day long.
  • Worth it! By Harry on 6/9/2014

    Awesome bulb. Long lasting and performed well in my tank for over a year before i replaced. My corals loved it and it helped them thrive!

    It really brings out the reds and purples. Great bulb for highlighting all the colors.
  • great color and brand By troy on 5/17/2014

    looks great with blue and full spec blubs
  • Great lights By Saltcreep on 5/14/2014

    Bulbs last almost a year, have great color, great color with combination blue plus.
  • Great By wizy76 on 3/30/2014

    Added to of these bulbs to my 90 gallon tank with a six bulb fixture 2 purple 3 blue 1 day added just a little purple/red tint to the tank thati wanted corals all good
  • Great Bulb By Chris on 2/19/2014

    Have one Purple Plus with 2 Blue Plus and 1 AquaBlue Special.

    Thislight set-up makes the corals and fish pop with color. Also adds a blue hue to the tank with none of the yellowish color you can get from the super white bulbs.

    Highly recommend this bulb set up for anyone with a 4 bulb T5 fixture.

  • great light By mountainmen9 on 12/18/2013

    I have used them for a while now .I like them a lot and a great price.

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