T5 Aquablue Special - ATI

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T5 Aquablue Special - ATI

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24W - 24” T5 ATI Aquablue Special
SKU: 204330
39W - 36” T5 ATI Aquablue Special
SKU: 204331
54W - 48” T5 ATI Aquablue Special
SKU: 204332
80W - 60” T5 ATI Aquablue Special
SKU: 204342
  • The Best T5 bulbs. By on 3/24/2016

    I did a lot of research on T5 bulbs before purchasing this last year. They have been nothing short of amazing bulbs and I just purchased my second set. YES you should change them every year, probably every 9 months or so. I saw a big improvement in my coral growth with these lights. I use them with LED and I strongly suggest the T5/LED hybrid combination. No need to purchase an expensive unit if you already have LEDs, just add these T5s with the kits sold here on BRS. Your results are nothing short of amazing. The combination of ATI Blue Plus and ATI Aquablue special is not original. It is suggested on ATI's site. All I can say is good color and good coral growth for a good price. You can't beat it... I do not suggest you try to beat it since glass breaks easily. SO no beating the class. Just go with these and be happy.
  • ATI bulbs are the best bulbs. By on 3/4/2016

    These bulbs are the best T5s on the market. I buy a new set every year. Thanks bulk reef supply.
  • GREAT BULBS! By on 2/11/2016

    I put two of these bulbs and two blue plus in for the first time after using Coral life bulbs and WOW! The difference in lighting is simply amazing! Highly recommended
  • Love it so far By on 12/13/2015

    BRS is the best my Corals love this light and so do i
  • Best Coral growth! By on 10/7/2015

    So I was hesitant to get this bulb because I didn't think it was going to be blue enough. Well, it's not very blue...at all. BUT honestly I noticed within less than a week I had some noticeable growth in my corals; and their colors have came back. I added these to supplement my Kessil 360 WE. I really wish my Kessil's would have been enough, but after 6 months and not so great coral growth it was time to see what T-5's could do. I may in the future do T-5's only, or T-5's with MH.
  • Awesome By on 7/15/2015

    better than coralife bulbs thats for sure
  • The best By on 6/5/2015

    Coral growth and looks speaks for itself. Definitely worth buying these bulbs!
  • Best Daylight Bulb Out There!! By on 11/11/2014

    This bulb promotes amazing growth along with a great spectrum of light! This bulb looks amazing. Highly reccomend this bulb!
  • Great light By on 7/15/2014

    I have a 6 bulb ATI Sunpower fixture and I run 1 ATI Purple Plus, 2of these, and 3 ATI Blue Plus. It sounds like a lot of blue but it really isn't too much. I get great growth. The only bad comment I ever had about my tank came from my wife. When I first installed these, it was too bright in the living room and she wanted me to move the tank because it was distracting her from the TV. I'll take complaints like that all day long.
  • great color and brand By on 5/17/2014

    looks really good with blue and purple blub