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T5 ATI Aquablue Special

  • Great light By John on 7/15/2014

    I have a 6 bulb ATI Sunpower fixture and I run 1 ATI Purple Plus, 2of these, and 3 ATI Blue Plus. It sounds like a lot of blue but it really isn't too much. I get great growth. The only bad comment I ever had about my tank came from my wife. When I first installed these, it was too bright in the living room and she wanted me to move the tank because it was distracting her from the TV. I'll take complaints like that all day long.
  • great color and brand By troy on 5/17/2014

    looks really good with blue and purple blub
  • You can see the difference By Mark on 3/26/2014

    After using no-name bulbs as other brands I decided to go with "the good stuff". Using the combo recommended by BRS, 2 blue plus, one blue special, one purple plus and it looks great. Brings out better color in my corals. I'll get these again for sure!
  • Excellent Bulb By Jimbo on 12/16/2013

    I love the ATI value and colors exactly what I needed a very bright white bulb with slight blue tint.
  • Great Bulb By Nootch on 11/20/2013

    ATI makes great bulbs.
  • Great Bulb By Bill on 11/11/2013

    Not my favorite, but if you like whites with some blue tints then this is your bulb. I throw them in my fixture from time to time for photos. My blue plus bulbs don't photograph well from a standard camera phone. Be careful as I feel I may have been bleaching some corals that were getting too much light from this bulb.
  • Well worth it ! By Paul on 9/4/2013

    These are awesome bulbs ! Made the appearance much crisper looking in my 90. I am running 4 of these with LED actinic supplementation. My Kenya trees are opening up more and my other corals seem more colorful. Great packaging !
  • Great quality By Yunier on 8/6/2013

    Will always order from you guys great packing and good quality best product I had ever ordered and really pop ups colors in aquarium is like day and night ..
  • Perfect mix of daylight and color! By Bhun456 on 8/4/2013

    Great daylight bulb with just the right mix of blue! It made my LPS and SPS perk right up and I could tell a big difference in them within 24-48 hours the PE was more responsive! Running 1 AB+ with 4 B+ and 1 P+.
  • What a difference! By Reefrobster on 5/10/2013

    Wow, I was skeptical at first thinking a bulb is a bulb but I was wrong. These bulbs are great. I noticed the difference on my reef tank right away. Light output is so appealing and makes my tank look great! Not even going to consider any others when I need to replace. Also BRS packaging was top notch, they know how to ship bulbs safe and sound.

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