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T5 ATI Aquablue Special

  • You can see the difference By Mark on 3/27/14

    After using no-name bulbs as other brands I decided to go with "the good stuff". Using the combo recommended by BRS, 2 blue plus, one blue special, one purple plus and it looks great. Brings out better color in my corals. I'll get these again for sure!
  • Excellent Bulb By Jimbo on 12/16/13

    I love the ATI value and colors exactly what I needed a very bright white bulb with slight blue tint.
  • Great Bulb By Nootch on 11/20/13

    ATI makes great bulbs.
  • Great Bulb By Bill on 11/12/13

    Not my favorite, but if you like whites with some blue tints then this is your bulb. I throw them in my fixture from time to time for photos. My blue plus bulbs don't photograph well from a standard camera phone. Be careful as I feel I may have been bleaching some corals that were getting too much light from this bulb.
  • Well worth it ! By Paul on 9/5/13

    These are awesome bulbs ! Made the appearance much crisper looking in my 90. I am running 4 of these with LED actinic supplementation. My Kenya trees are opening up more and my other corals seem more colorful. Great packaging !
  • Great quality By Yunier on 8/6/13

    Will always order from you guys great packing and good quality best product I had ever ordered and really pop ups colors in aquarium is like day and night ..
  • Perfect mix of daylight and color! By Bhun456 on 8/4/13

    Great daylight bulb with just the right mix of blue! It made my LPS and SPS perk right up and I could tell a big difference in them within 24-48 hours the PE was more responsive! Running 1 AB+ with 4 B+ and 1 P+.
  • What a difference! By Reefrobster on 5/10/13

    Wow, I was skeptical at first thinking a bulb is a bulb but I was wrong. These bulbs are great. I noticed the difference on my reef tank right away. Light output is so appealing and makes my tank look great! Not even going to consider any others when I need to replace. Also BRS packaging was top notch, they know how to ship bulbs safe and sound.
  • Best Bulb Brand out there. By Chris on 3/21/13

    I have used many different T5 bulbs, and after reviews, and forum research. I decided to try ATI... Since the first build buy a year and and a half ago. I don't buy anything else ....ATI for me !
  • Ati bulb combination By Mike on 1/23/13

    Would a combination of 2 Ati+, 1 aqua blue special, 1 ati coral plus, or should I take out the blue special and add ati purple

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