XM 10K Single End Bulb

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XM 10K Single End Bulb

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250W XM 10K Single End Bulb
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400W XM 10K Single End Bulb
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  • Great bulbs for the money By on 12/24/2015

    I have transitioned over to LED lighting, but when I was running MH's I ranXM10K SE's and Phoenix 14K SE's. I preferred the color of the Phoenix bulbs, but the XM10K's were bright, crisp, and PAR monsters. For a great read up on 250 Watt MH lamp and ballast combinations and PAR ratings, google search JBNY 250 Metal Halide comparison. or go to his website at cnidarian reef. JB worked with Sanjay Joshi on this series of tests. Very informative and detailed.
    Bottom line is that XM10K's on the right ballast out performed all other bulbs.

    I used them for about 5 years. On one occasion I had a bad bulb. This was sent back and replaced at no charge. I replaced these bulbs after 12 months of use, but rarely saw any color shift in them. I probably used between 15-18 of these bulbs over that time frame, (multiple tanks) and would not hesitate to use them again.
  • Never had issues By on 3/14/2013

    Steve, I think you just got a bad batch or just coincidence. I have the 10ks, for the record, best par bulb out there, also, going on 3rd set in 3 years, never a burn out........
  • I would avoid hese bulbs! By on 10/20/2012

    I put two of these 250w 10K bulbs over my 120 gallon reef. I liked the bright white light, but both bulbs burnt out within one week. One bulb lasted two days and the other bulb lasted 5 days...what a waste.

    I am using two 250 watt Galaxy ballasts.

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