XM 15K Double End Bulb

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XM 15K Double End Bulb

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150W XM 15K Double End Bulb
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  • Great Bulbs By Ed on 4/7/2013

    I was running 10K double ended with supplemental VHO actinic for years. Thought I try something different and these XM 15K's really give a crisp blue light. A little more than expected that I had to check they weren't 20K's. No need for supplemental lighting and the colors on my corals have intensified. Im totally happy with these bulbs.

  • Took a risk. By Bryant on 7/18/2012

    Well with no reviews on the bulb i was a little hesitant to try it. But i am glad that i did, the "starter" bulb that came with my fixture was complete crap and was almost straight yellow. After installing this Baby i am seeing just the right amount of crisp blue. and the corals are seeming to perk up more as well. which was the whole reason anyways.
  • Metal Halide By Todd on 9/24/2011

    Just purchased two of these. I love the light. Great product much better than the ones I had.
  • new light By Brian on 5/28/2011

    Noticeable difference in coral color right after using from the stock bulb I was using. Corals look great my only complaint is it shocked my corals a bit after running it for 2 days, I should of lowered the run time more.

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