BRS Tonga Branch Dry Live Rock

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BRS Tonga Branch Dry Live Rock

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BRS Tonga Single Branch Dry Live Rock
SKU: 000718
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BRS Tonga Simple Multi-Branch Dry Live Rock
SKU: 000717
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BRS Tonga Complex Multi-Branch Dry Live Rock
SKU: 000716
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BRS Tonga Large 20+” Branch Dry Live Rock
SKU: 000719
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BRS Tonga Jumbo 30+” Branch Dry Live Rock
SKU: 000720
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  • This Rocks By IowaVulcan on 8/13/2015

    Fast Shipping. This looks great in my tank. I love these. Not the most porous in the bunch but they are good lookers!
  • Loved it By skip56 on 8/9/2015

    I ordered 10 lbs and got 2 really nice looking pieces. Was packed well, no breakage. I would recommend it highly.
  • Never ordering again By Rob on 7/24/2015

    First of all I paid for two day shipping so that I could get the tank up and running. 2 days after I ordered 45 pounds of the Complex Multi Branch Tonga it wasn't at my house. So I gave them two more days and called and they said it didn't even ship out yet. They offered to do over night and I agreed. It looks like they just threw the rock in the box and didn't even care. I didn't get one piece of Complex Multi Branch. Every single one was a single branch. Waste of money. Don't ever buy this from here
  • Long wait but worth it By fishman on 7/24/2015

    I had broken my tank down several months back. As part of my re-build, I wanted a nicer aqua scape. I had saved most of my live rock and plan on re-using it in my new set up. As the live rock was a base type Fuji rock, it didn't have much character. I liked and order the Tonga Complex multi branch, problem it was out of stock for many months. That is my only criticism.
    I ordered 20 lbs and it came in 2 pieces, one very large and the other, smaller one had very nice branching. I had one small fracture that I re-attached, there was no ruble.
  • Awesome main piece with nice additional pieces By Cody on 7/22/2015

    I was apprehensive about ordering tonga branches without seeing the pieces, but ordered 15 pounds of the simple multi branch and the pieces I got are amazing. One large beautiful piece and few additional very nice pieces.
  • Not like the pictures at all By Brian on 7/22/2015

    The rock I received was not even close to the pictures. Every tip was broke off and many weren't in the box, just broken pieces shipped out. Very disappointed with this rock.
  • Beautiful and interesting pieces. By Doug Ahern on 6/25/2015

    I ordered 12 pounds of single branch Fiji to add some interest to my Pukani order. 7 Pieces total with 2 outstanding pieces and 3 very goods. Very pleased.
  • Best for the buck By Adam on 6/3/2015

    I was very happy with what I received. Great size and very clean.
  • Some good, some bad. By Jim on 4/24/2015

    I ordered some jumbo and some complex multi branch. I requested large pieces. The jumbo was great, mostly one large piece but with some small rubble that I thought might have broken off. The piece was hanging out of the box in more than one place and the packing "peanuts" were leaking out. The cardboard box was so thin that it would tear if you tried to pick the box up without getting under it with two hands. Thicker cardboard would have helped but the little pieces didn't break off of this big piece. They were just thrown in to make the weight. On the other box, the complex multi-branch,there were only four pieces of complex multi-branch. The rest was simple pieces from 2 to 5 inches long and they didn't fit any of the broken off pieces of the few complex pieces. From the reviews, I expected better. This rock is extremely heavy and I wouldn't trust any glue to hold the pieces together. If it doesn't lock when stacking, I wouldn't try to stack it or you might break your tank if it gives way.
  • nice shapes By john on 4/18/2015

    I was very happy with shape of rock , it was branched and nice size

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