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BRS Tonga Branch Dry Live Rock
(Sold by the Pound)

  • Fantastic!!! By Jabudda on 4/4/14

    Looks awesome & the guys in the rock room did an amazing job!!! You can see it in my 70g on reefcentral.

    On my 50g build I used the Pukani which is equally fantastic!!!

    I didn't want both tanks to have the same aquascape look, thus the 2 completely different rock.

    The corals are easy to place with both rock. I don't like coral plugs or using glue & the rock in both accommodates that preference.

    The Fire Shrimp has found ample caves to hide & setup shop to exfoliate my fish in the Tonga Jungle.
  • Beautiful rock! By Peter on 3/27/14

    The complex multi-branch is beautiful and the pieces we were sent are huge and amazing, could not be more happy!
  • Great By Jeff on 3/27/14

    This branch rock was one beautiful piece. It really stands out in my tank and is a great addition. This was well packaged and shipped in a timely fashion.
  • Beautiful Tonga complex multi branch By canitolindo on 3/18/14

    I ordered Tonga multi complex and man i must say WOW! Beautiful show pieces. I recommend to anyone looking for beautiful dry rock Brs Tonga is the way to go
  • beautiful rock By angelo on 3/17/14

    all the pieces i received were large. look awesome. cant wait to put them in my tank
  • Preparing for a new build By Scoly on 3/5/14

    Ordered some of this, in my notes I asked for bigger show piece type pieces. Only received 2 pieces, but wow! One piece was 24" tall and very much a show piece! Thank you guys!
  • GODD GOOD! By COLDWATER on 3/4/14

    AS EXPECTED, though not quite like the picture, but im very happy with packing, expediency of arrival, shipping method, and product! And price!
  • Great branches By Alex M on 3/2/14

    I recently ordered 45lbs of complex and simple multi branch and overall I am satisfied. I had some specific requests that they were able to make happen which is great considering there was no phone conversation. There were a couple branches that had been damaged during shipping, but nothing some glue can't fix. I definitely recommend the complex branch, it's really unique and will allow me to tie in the pukani I also ordered nicely.
  • Exactly as expected By SoCalReef66 on 3/2/14

    Ordered a couple pounds of single branch to complement the tank and got exactly what I expected plus some. Good deal BRS, thanks.
  • not good By madhu on 2/14/14

    I ordered 10 lbs of complex multibranch and 20 lbs of 20" but what I received was simple multibranch. The 20lbs of 20" rock came in 4 pieces and one piece was broken during shipping and may be 3 piece became 4 piece. The 10lbs of complex was also like a cylindrical stem and nothing complex about it. May be I'm unlucky and I received the bottom of the barrel. I still think when they say complex rock and when I SPECIFICALLY PAY for that, they should give me complex and not a cylindrical stem.
    Will not buy this rock from BRS again since not even one rock looks anything like the photos they have. The 20" didn't look anything like the photo they have, Instead it has one stem that branches into two(I received two pieces like this). Did they ship the wrong item? I don't know. And then the 10 complex multibranch didn't look like the photo at all. Just a small ball shaped base with one cylinder attached and I pure small cylinder. Did they ship the wrong item for this one as well? don't know.

    For me it is not about the money, I'm willing to pay even twice the amount but I do want good pieces. Stay away from this rock from BRS. You may get a heavy cylinder although you might have ordered complex multibranch. lol

    May be it is possible that at this time they sold all the nice looking ones already and currently selling the bad looking remnants

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