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BRS Bulk Magnesium Chloride Aquarium Supplement

BRS Bulk Magnesium Chloride Aquarium Supplement
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BRS Bulk Magnesium Chloride Aquarium Supplement

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  • nice stuff By Damon on 6/10/2015

    Great product, easy to use and mix. NEED TO KEEP IT IN DRY PLACE! It picks up moisture very easily, even in the container and then it's tough to break apart.
  • Great products for the reef By Shannon on 12/17/2014

    Always great quality in a quantity that's priced right - I'm a long time customer and this works great for my two-part regime.
  • Great Product that WORKS. By Idol on 12/11/2014

    This Magnesium supplement functions exactly as stated. Savings in cash is also very important and that is what this also does very well.
  • Better than the other brands By Sjohnson on 11/30/2014

    I have used other brands in the past and wont go back. This stuff is ground smaller than other brands so it dissolves very quickly and easily. This stuff is super clean too. The old stuff I used always left the bottom of my container cloudy and there was always some brown residue as well. This stuff is perfectly clear when dissolved and no residue is left behind.
  • Bad Shipment By David (Murphy, TX) on 9/8/2014

    Very disappointed with the shipment package.
    The Magnesium box was broken... the chemical was melted ...
    I have to spend an hour to clean up ....
  • GREAT magnesium supplement! By Christopher on 5/12/2014

    I bought this stuff when it was on sale due to the great price. Would definitely buy this again, even when its not on sale. Easy to use, mixes well, and is clean!
  • works great By Dustin on 12/11/2013

    goes a long way and works good
  • Great product By Bill on 6/7/2013

    This is a great, cost efficient two part dosing solution. I have used it in my 200g system for over two years with success.
  • value By Traci on 4/7/2013

    have tried other mag additives, this gives the best results with minimal amounts
  • Very good product, cost effect By matthew on 1/12/2013

    I've been using this product for a couple years with good results. Instructions are easy and the BRS reef calculator makes dosing this product so easy. Using the BRS calculator and Bubble Magus doser with this product is basically a "set it and forget it" type of deal, and I test magnesium a couple times per week to double check this. This product is so much cheaper than other bottled liquid magnesium products if you don't mind mixing the solution up yourself (which is very easy).

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