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Reverse Osmosis Tube Clips

Reverse Osmosis Tube Clips
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  • Reverse Osmosis Tube Clips
  • Reverse Osmosis Tube Clip on Push Connect Fitting

Reverse Osmosis Tube Clips

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14" RO Tube Clip
SKU: 200067
12" RO Tube Clip
SKU: 100015
  • works great By Rowdy on 2/21/2015

    I got a bunch of these and have had zero leaks, works wonderful
  • Great Peace of Mond By CraigD on 1/30/2015

    These little simple clips truly do the job! A bit tough for big hands to manipulate but once you get the hang of it they are a great way to lock all hoses in place for a tight secure fit.
  • cheap insurance By Jonathan on 11/10/2014

    I used these on fittings not readily accessible as insurance against any leaks. Why risk it...
  • Cheap insurance By Adam on 4/23/2014

    $8 got me piece of mind on all the fittings on my RO/DI, AND refrigerator. Still have 20+ spares.
  • Great idea wish they were avalible for all size PEX fittings By Kenneth on 9/5/2013

    I purchased 50 of these with a 150gal RO upgrade kit they worked great! lust a bit hard to get locked on in tight spaces I had a few fly away but found all but one, I was a bit surprised when one fitting on the second RO tube was leaking a bit after installing a clip on it I have never had BRS RO fitting leak with out a clip, but I fixed it quickly by removing the clip and tube and reseating it it's cheap insurance against water damage! I wish I could find these in other sizes for household PEX it would give ,me peace of mind after closing up a wall not being to see what was going on if a leak were to develop until damage was done, BRS if these are available in 1" to 2 1/2" sizes I would buy them from you since I install a lot of pex.
  • Does what its suppose to do By Nate on 3/7/2013

    Not much to say. Works as designed and works well.
  • A Must By Dustin on 3/4/2013

    For $.18 each this is well worth the investment to prevent an RO leak that could lead to THOUSANDS of dollars in damage.
  • Cheap Insurance By Billy on 7/8/2012

    These clips are so cheap I don't know why anyone would not use them I have them on all of my connections and have never had a leak although I wouldn't know if the connections would leak without them because I have never used push fittings and not used these clips great product and very in expensive
  • A must Have By Billy on 7/8/2012

    I have used these on all of my connections on my tank and RO unit they are good insurance that the tubing will not come out a must have for me.
  • STOPPED A LEAK!!! By Alfred on 2/22/2012

    Okay, so I inserted one end of the tube to the mur-lok connector, but because of a funny angle (not as smooth/straight as I would like; it had to bend immediately), there was a very tiny leak. Inserted this liitle 19 cent (as of today) item, and no more leaks! It's these small items that BRS has that make the whole thing (shopping from BRS, installing in the house, etc) much more worry free. Small investment, great returns.

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