Reverse Osmosis Canisters

Reverse Osmosis Canisters
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  • Reverse Osmosis Canisters

Reverse Osmosis Canisters

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5" Reverse Osmosis Canister 12" Ports
SKU: 208444
10" Reverse Osmosis Canister 14" Ports
SKU: 200001
10" Reverse Osmosis Canister 12" Ports
SKU: 200900
10" Big Blue (Clear) Reverse Osmosis Canister 1" Ports
SKU: 200048
20" Reverse Osmosis Canister 34" Ports
SKU: 200100
20" Big Blue (Clear) Reverse Osmosis Canister 1" Ports
SKU: 200901
  • Strong canisters By MICHAEL on 11/14/2015

    Best canisters I've seen
  • Good Quality By Galloprieto on 6/23/2015

    Great price very well made
  • DOES NOT COME WITH PUSH VALVES! By mark on 6/8/2015

    Push tubing valves NOT included. BRS should at least recommend adding them IMO. Otherwise, it's the canister ONLY.
  • high quality By Josh on 3/31/2015

    Great canister for add on filter or for replacement works like a champ
  • Good product By Bwf007 on 3/16/2015

    Works great did have to remove debris from the pressure valve but that was no biggie just a screw with a oring. Bought both 20 and 10x 4.5. And no my ussage has nothing to do with reefing I'm using it for car washing.
  • great service By nyifan on 1/13/2015

    My RO system started leaking and BRS went above and beyond to make it right. Hats off to the customer service! I will keep coming back with my $$$.
  • Top Notch By Randy on 1/6/2015

    Purchased this to make my setup a 6 stage. I added it to my frame, connected all the valves and I have myself a perfect 6 stage. This is a high quality unit, I doubt this is going to have any issues soon.
  • Make a filter for your fridge By Paul on 11/14/2014

    I took the 10" RO canister with 1/2" ports, through a universal carbon filter in it and put some quick connect fittings on it and made my own filter cartridge for my refrigerator. Now for 17 bucks I can put a new filter in it instead of the 50 dollar filter they sell for my fridge. Not to mention this lasts so much longer and does a better job. Super easy.
  • 5" canister has low profile By Mitch on 7/13/2014

    I bought the 5" canister for holding carbon and plumbed it inline with my return pump line inbetween my pump and water outlet. The low profile made it possible to mount it right to the pvc pipe in my cabinet right above my return pump. The only problem is I can't find a refillable cartridge for it anywhere so I just through a bag of GAC into it.
  • Great customer service By Manfred on 2/17/2014

    I upgraded my RODI system and part of that upgrade was going to a 5 stage system rather than the 4 stage I had. The canister was leaking slightly where it screwed onto the top. I called BRS and they got a replacement out to me the same day. Let's me know I can buy here without worrying about return of defective equipment. That us important when you are working on a 180 gallon reef tank. Thanks for the great customer service BRS.

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