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DIY Aquarium Screen Top Kits - 1/4" Netting

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  • DIY Aquarium Screen Tops

DIY Aquarium Screen Top Kits - 1/4" Netting


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2 Ft DIY 14" Screen Top Netting Kit
SKU: 220130
Earn 37 Reward Points
3 Ft DIY 14" Screen Top Netting Kit
SKU: 220135
Earn 39 Reward Points
4 Ft DIY 14" Screen Top Netting Kit
SKU: 220140
Earn 44 Reward Points
5 Ft DIY 14" Screen Top Netting Kit
SKU: 220145
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6 Ft DIY 14" Screen Top Netting Kit
SKU: 220150
Earn 54 Reward Points
  • Easy to do By Reefer on 2/4/2015

    I was very pleased with how easy this was to do. This was my first time using a screen roller and rolling a screen, and I did this the first time with no issues what so ever. Comes with enough screen to replace again if you need to. The final product looks great and professional and it doesn't cast shadows in your tank. The best part is the peace of mind knowing that your "jumper" fish will still be in your tank when you return home from being gone.
  • Very nice, easy to put together. Well worth the money. t y By DIFF on 1/24/2015

    Figure in the corners before yu cut to size, also a dremel & some safety glasses will make it quick.
  • Perfect By Andrew on 1/21/2015

    This was the perfect screen top I needed and wish I had before my clown jumped out and died. Good quality material.
  • Great way to protect suicidal fish By Joshua on 12/15/2014

    Being fish they have a rough life and sometimes they have suicidal tendencies. This is a safety net just in case one of your fish decide they don't want to live anymore. It assemblies easy enough with a hacksaw and 20mins of your time.

    Pros: I ordered two 2ft sections for each of my tanks and they ended up sending me 3'x7' sections of clear mesh instead of what I would have expected 2'x2'section so I have plenty of extra cloth for replacement down the line if I need it.

    Before final assembly I cut a hole in the screen top and was able to route the heater cord up and over and then attached the netting around it making it look rather smooth and minimize the hole I had to cut to prevent those pesky jumpers.

    Cons: The only thing I can say is my hacksaw wasn't sharp enough so when starting the cutting it would skip around and scuff it up a little bit. Not a huge issue but I would be keen to find a slightly better solution to make it look flawless. This isn't a fault of the product but of my inability to figure out a better solution.

    The only other thing I ran into is I have a light mounting kit that interferes with the whole top so I need to get four extra corners so I can put a notch in the back of the top so it can be easily removed. Again, not a problem with the product but a heads up if you have a similar issue you may want to buy four extra corners when you order the kit.
  • Why didn't I buy this sooner? By 9StickN8 on 12/9/2014

    I have an open top 105g. I had 2 Flame Hawkfish jump to their demise. I think 1 was eaten by my cat Purseus... RIP Firehawk. It was time for me to add a screen top!

    The thing that held me back was cord management. How was I going to do this? You could leave a slight gap at the rear of tank.
    What I did was purchase clear, rubber stick-on feet (meant for underneath speakers, lamps etc) I purchased an 8 pack for a couple bucks. I placed the sticky feet as spacers everything is kosher now! My screen fits on the edge of my tank allowing my cords to exit the tank.

    This project was much easier than I anticipated!
  • Works Great By Russell on 11/22/2014

    Very happy with the quality, simplicity, and look of this DIY screen top. The mesh does not cause any noticeable shadowing which I was very happy to find.

    Only small nit is that the straight pieces are the dimensions that are listed so when you put in the angle, the completed screen will be 1-1.5" longer than shown. The material is very easy to miter to the correct length, but you still have to go through the effort.

    Also happy that you have plenty of extra mesh in case you mess up the first time or decide to change tanks in the future I can re-use.
  • Great look. Doesn't hurt light shimmer. By Randall on 11/13/2014

    Measure twice. Cut once. The netting is rigid enough that little effort was needed to assemble without any sag. Nice look with good light pass though. Jump Nemo. Jump.
  • Rails are bowed By Apolloremy on 8/23/2014

    Got the 48" kit and the rails are completely bowed in the middle out of the shipping box from BRS. When assembled there is a huge gap where fish can jump out.
  • Just what I needed By Casey on 6/21/2014

    This kit has saved my new Blue spot Jawfish

    I actually tried tracking down the materials at my local Home Depot and could not find netting that I liked. This kit ended up being a few bucks more but it was well worth it to have all the materials in one kit.

    The top is easy enough to assemble. Just make sure you are careful when cutting the frame with a hack saw. I bent it just a tiny bit and has trouble putting the corner pieces on. A quick fix was achieved by flaring the opening edges a little and then smoothing them back down after attaching the corners.

    The finished product looks great and doesn't block out any light. The 1/4 screen size is too small to let any future purchases going carpet surfing.
  • 5 Ft DIY 1⁄4" Screen Top  By kimberly on 5/18/2014

    The merchandise arrived quickly. Easy to assemble. Enough material arrived where I can replace the top twice. I would byt again. Only thing tool provided is cheap and awkward to use. Also corner prices must be installed correctly because too difficult to change.

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