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  • DIY Aquarium Screen Tops

DIY Aquarium Screen Top Kits - 14" Netting

  • Perfect By evilc66 on 3/24/14

    While there isn't any real innovation with the product, it's executed well, and at the right price. The finished product looks good, and really isn't that hard to assemble. If you've ever replaced the screens on windows before, it makes it even easier. It's also really nice that they include everything you need to get it assembled (with the exception of a saw to cut it to length).
  • Fun project everything you need included By surfishjoe on 2/13/14

    I shopped around and the kit from BRS was better quality and less hassle than trying to piece something locally. Yes i probably could have saved a few bucks but the end result is well worth it. I have a great looking top that was easy to put together with no surprises. One tip- take your time cutting the frame with a hacksaw as the frame is easy to damage. Thanks BRS!
  • Good product. By Axizo2 on 1/21/14

    If you use the proper tools and follow directions this DIY screen should work just fine. I used You tube videos and was able to put it together fairly quickly. Fits well as a screen and does not effect light shimmer at all.
  • Great finish for a rimless tank By Richard on 1/21/14

    I used this for my Deep Blue 60 cube and it came out great. Don't try to make the screen to tight or it will twist the frame. I made it just smaller than the inside dimensions of the glass and it sits inside so perfectly you can't even tell is there.
  • works well By Phormium on 12/18/13

    This is a great product--the frame is easy to cut and put together, tight fit so that it's not flimsy, sits flat and the mesh is also easy to get straight and taut. Depending on the size of your tank, there is lots leftover of the screen and the spline for future changes or repairs which is a nice bonus. Overall somewhat expensive but the results were worth it.
  • Looks Sharp By Michael on 11/25/13

    Yes, I am aware that you could probably find all the parts for this kind of build at a hardware store, potentially even for less money. That's not the point of this kit. The point is that you buy a kit that's been tested over other people's tanks that you know works and won't require a single (or subsequent) trip to the hardware store. I used a simple hacksaw and rotary tool to cut and smooth the 3 foot kit to fit my Nuvo 24. It looks great and keeps my temps down in the hot Texas climate.
  • not worth it By Levi on 8/26/13

    I got the same kit at my local home improvement store for under 10 dollars. This is such a rip off I would hope people aren't seriously paying this much for this junk.
  • works well/ cost effective By dru on 7/29/13

    I have a custom sized rectangular tank with wrasses who jump. The top worked perfectly. While not quick to assemble.with frame cutting and inching along to get the screening tight,the final product looked great. I compared pricing for the kit components at a local hardware store and BRS was price competitive.
  • Got what I expected By mntbighker on 7/22/13

    I am not a big fan of the frame material but in general this seems to be the only game in town if you want this type of cover with clear screen material. I hope it holds up to the salt environment. The build process is pretty simple, but can be a little finicky to keep the screen tight and the frame square.
  • Works as advertised! By cmeyer24 on 6/10/13

    Exactly what I was looking for, and easy to cut and fit specifically to your tank!

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