EcoTech Coral Glue

EcoTech Coral Glue
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  • EcoTech Coral Glue

EcoTech Coral Glue

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  • Not the glue you want By jsbull on 1/2/2016

    My experience started off poorly when I received this. The cap was leaking and it took pliers to be able to get it unscrewed and unclogged.

    Be ready to chew it off of your fingers because you CANNOT use this stuff without getting it everywhere. Which leads me to say that it seems to stick to everything I don't want it to and be mediocre on everything I'm trying to glue.

    I have used it on corals glued to live rock, which snails have later knocked off. I'm also trying to glue some GSP to my back glass and I've glued 4 frags. Each morning is now a game. Which one fell off over night? Oh, I picked #3, but it was #2. Give me a break. It's a difficult game.

    LIVEWRECK nailed it. When this stuff is in the water, it's a very annoying putty that won't grip anything. It's really something to avoid.
  • overprice By gerliba on 9/8/2015

    it's a good product I like it but I think it was overprice other projects do the same thing as this one also ill dry really fast and dry inside the bottle
  • Overpriced By joe on 7/23/2015

    Way too thick and clogs up fast. The BRS glue is much cheaper and better.
  • good stuff By peter on 6/25/2015

    pretty good glue. wish there was an easier way to break that skin after putting it in salt water and getting it to stick to the rocks. sometimes it seems it won't stick to anything but your fingers. but that is with all coral glue. just wish somebody would come up with something better
  • Doesn't hold anything By Dave on 6/6/2015

    I have tried gluing several frags. In less than 24 hours the frag comes off the plug. I have had better luck with regular super glue from Home Depot.
  • Works great By Denise on 4/9/2015

    My new favorite coral glue, holds well and is easy to use. Not too runny or thick works well for all my frags.
  • Major disappointment By Livewreck on 3/30/2015

    This glue is great for connecting almost anything to anything else when the gluing process is performed in air. So it worked perfectly when gluing coral frags to pieces of rubble. In fact, it was the best glue I ever used for gluing pieces of rock together IN AIR.

    But as soon as the glue hits saltwater, it skims over immediately, then becomes putty-like, and will not stick the rubble to live rock. I kept applying more and more glue just before placing the frags in my tank but they never held. After several attempts, I'd have to remove all the glue and start over. Still no adhesion. - I had 7 frags to attach to my live rock and met with 6 out of 7 failures.

    Finally, I had to go to my LFS and buy a tube of Seachem's Reef Glue, and that worked the first time, every time. - I've had marine aquariums for more than 10 years. I know how to glue frags onto live rock. And I simply do not understand the rave reviews of some of my fellow hobbyists. Cg glue is the worst coral glue I have ever used (and I'm sorry to say that because my other Eco Tech products are first class).
  • Seen better By dwayne on 10/12/2014

    For the price and what it does I was not impress with it. Had to use too much and also it is easy to get hard once use under water. I ended up throwing it away because it was hard.
  • My Choice By JB on 7/19/2014

    Used a number of glues with frustration. This has been the best yet. Have been through a few bottles now, and feel I have enough experience to properly review. Handling is awesome-nice consistent gel. I suggest a quick rub with something rough to your target rock to remove any debris/algae. Dry base of coral or plug to be glued. Apply gel, and go directly into water. Hold in position, and after a short time you should notice it is "holding". I do this with water movement off and leave off for about 15 minutes.
    Occasionally I will have small sps frag knocked off by large turbo snail. But with other glues, I was constantly re-gluing. Not sure about the few negative reviews here, they could not be talking about this product. Sorry for the long review, but I have used many. This is noticeably better. JB
  • decent By steve on 4/10/2014

    needing an excess amount to hold anything in place, regardless of coral size, I recommend dipping it in a separate container of tank water to remove the film prior to placing in tank - Over priced, I will now only use BRS brand glues

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