Oceans Wonders DIY Coral Propagation Kit

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Oceans Wonders DIY Coral Propagation Kit

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Oceans Wonders DIY Coral Propagation Kit
SKU: 205352
Oceans Wonders Premium DIY Coral Propagation Kit
SKU: 205353
  • Great Product fo the price By on 12/6/2013

    Good quality tool set that I use regularly. I was impressed by the Reef Glue Gel which is good quality and a good amount. I will be ordering more of that.
  • Very "meh" By on 7/7/2012

    Tools perform well enough, but even after thorough cleaning rust is a constant issue...
  • Perfect starter kit! By on 2/15/2012

    So far so good. Has not rusted. The glue is super strong and holds well in the salt water and dries fast.
  • Care of Tools By on 11/8/2011

    All customers should rinse these tools in a tap water after using them in saltwater and wipe them dry before store until next use...
  • Great starter kit By on 5/23/2011

    For the price I was expecting flimsy bone cutters and inferior scissors. Boy was I wrong. These are serious tools that will last for years. This kit has everything you need to start fragging.
  • great product By on 2/24/2011

    these tools are very well made great set
  • Great By on 12/28/2010

    I purchased those and enjoyed it a lot. The only thing I recommend is to rinse these tools under tap water each use and dry them with paper or cotton towel before restoring them until next use. Mines are great and I love them...
  • A must have for any SPS reef tank! By on 9/16/2010

    This is a must have for any SPS reefer, I especially like the scissors, they are very sharp and possibly the best pair of scissors I have ever owned. The bone cutting shears are also very nice, even though they are made of stainless steel, its best after use to rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly before storage. Even if you dont they may become a tad rusty and hard to use, but after opening and closing them a few times they easily come back to normal use. They are also spring loaded which is a nice feature.
  • Perfect little kit! By on 8/20/2010

    I wanted something that was cost effective but still had all of the right tools. I currently have razor blades and a dremmel, but I need something that I could grab small items with and then a strong pair of cutting tools. This kit fits the bill and I have use the snips many times and not a spot of rust or anything!

    This is a great value, ohh and the glue works great too!
  • Stoked! By on 8/9/2010

    I was super stoked to open up this product and use all the tools for the first time. Having the proper tools to propagate makes things quick and cause less damage to the coral. Your corals will benefit from the use of these tools no question!

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