BRS Extra Thick Gel Super Glue

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  • Coral Glue for Fragging and Propagation

BRS Extra Thick Gel Super Glue

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1 oz. Bottle BRS Extra Thick Gel Super Glue
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20g Tube BRS Extra Thick Gel Super Glue
SKU: 206302
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  • Good By Rogerc12 on 8/14/2015

    I like the glue, it's extra thick so I is a little harder to get out the bottle but over all I liked it for frags. It sets fast so I don't need to worry about my frags getting swept away.
  • Not what it used to be By Reef Daddy on 6/15/2015

    I have used a lot of tubes of this glue over time. It used to be VERY effective an easy to use for gluing frags to plugs and to rock in my tank. I bought four tubes with my last order and it just wasn't sticky like it used to be when I bought some a few months ago. I used large amounts and when I pushed them onto the rock, the glue stuck to the frag that was glued out of the water, but not to the rock that was in the water. It used to work well for that, but something seems to have changed and now almost nothing I glued on stayed no matter how I applied it.. Krazy Glue Craft gel works better (costs more than BRS too though).
  • WORKS JUST FINE By Jim on 6/9/2015

    Used this glue to reattach a coral frag to a piece of rubble rock as it had become detached from the original plug that came with it from pet store. Worked as advertised and I was to place it back in the tank where it is thriving. Liked the viscosity as it wasn't too runny and made no mess.
  • Good for small attchments By ASeattle on 6/9/2015

    Tried this instead of epoxy to aqua scape some large live rock and it didn't hold too well. Ideally it needs to set and dry for some time. If you have that time and patience then give it a try, it's thick and spreads well. Otherwise I would use this for frags etc. Didn't have much success using this underwater. Since it's essentially super glue, caution around your skin.
  • No good glue By Thunder on 6/2/2015

    This glue will not glue my frag plug to LRs. I had problem squeeze the glue out too.
  • Good tube of glue. By Jgann on 5/27/2015

    I initially ordered this to round up an order for free shipping but then I need to customize a return pump prefilter and found it to be a great solution. Nice large tube, easy to work with, very pleased with it.
  • Bottles suck!! By Waxhawreefer on 5/19/2015

    Second time with this glue, first time I ordered the tubes-great, you can get all the glue out, then By mistake I ordered the bottles, after half is used no matter what u do u cannot get the glue out!! I had to cut the bottles open and scoop out the glue with a flat head screwdriver, never order the again!!!
  • Great glue, bad containers By Dennis on 5/15/2015

    Really like this glue, it works great! But the containers need work.
    The bottle is the better of the two, but it needs a needle in the cap to help keep it from clogging. By the time I was down to 20% i couldn't get any more glue out.
    Tried the tube next and that was just horrible! After one use the tip was clogged. The cap would glue itself to the tip. While fragging, the glue would keep coming out, wasting a lot of it. I have to keep trimming away at the tip to remove clogs and eventually remove it all together, which then allows way too much glue to come out. Never again. I'd recommend this product, but only the bottles and with reservation. Hopefully it can be redesigned soon because the glue works great! Only takes a little drop and 20 seconds to get an sps frag to hold to a damp plug.
  • Awesome Glue! By Kyle on 4/5/2015

    I used a tube of this glue when I was aquascaping my reef. This glue is very thick and super strong. Some of the strongest glue I have ever used. I would imagine it would also be a great choice for gluing coral frags down also.
  • Good stuff By Sam on 4/3/2015

    My only complaint is I wish they had a bigger tube for sale!

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