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Coral Rx Coral Dip

  • Best All Round Dip By Nelson on 4/3/14

    I am pretty neurotic when it comes to what goes in my tank and I unfailingly dip every piece of new coral as,soon as I get home. Over a year ago I got some montipora eating nudibranches. No dip that I know of will kill the eggs. The hatched nudibranches are a different story and are easily and quickly killed by Coral Rx. I was able to dip my montiporas every few days for a few weeks and get rid of them for good. Coral Rx pro is my favorite dip and the only one I now use. The little 1oz bottle is very concentrated and will go a long way. I am still using the last bottle I bought over a year ago. Highly recommended product!
  • Works great By James on 3/19/14

    It was very effective with no bad effects to corals.
  • A must need! By Earl T on 2/17/14

    I dip all of my corals in Coral Rx, it kills nudibranch's and most pests. I have found that red flatworms can survive the dip however so I do two dips. I dip first in the Coral Rx and then in Flatworm Exit and I haven't had a problem since. You have to make sure that you want to remove the brittlestars away from the rock if you don't want to kill them, because it will. I don't have a single coral in my tank that hasn't went through the Coral Rx dip.
  • Amazing!!! By Nicholas on 1/23/14

    I own a LFS here in the San Antonio area and I do a ton of fragging and love this stuff. It I is an amazing product not only fragging but also to help bring coral back that's not doing to good. The money it will save you by saving your coral is worth it ten times over.
  • Must Have By James on 1/14/14

    Coral Rx is a must have for any reefer. It's great dip that's pulled many unwanted critters from new corals before they were added to my tank. I've also used it with great results to turn around corals in poor health. A good dip and solid chemistry go a long way toward keeping your reef healthy.
  • Safe and effective By Gob on 1/11/14

    I have used Coral RX many times and it seems to be both safe and effective. None of the coral I have dipped in it seemed to be excessively stressed from the treatment although I would recommend rinsing the coral very well before putting it in your tank. Although it doesn't instantly kill them, many pests will drop off the coral, particularly if you shake the coral after a few minutes or use a turkey baster to spray water on it during the dip. Also seems to be free of highly toxic chemicals which is a nice change from many aquarium products.
  • Good Stuff By Scott on 1/9/14

    I interchange this with Revive. I dip all new frags before they go in to the tank. Havent had a bug issue at all and the corals dont seem to mind sitting in a bath of this for 10 minutes after acclimating. Hard to say though if its the Rx working or I just havent had any frags with bugs on them.
  • Works Fast By Kyfishguy on 12/10/13

    I have had corals for awhile now, but recently purchased a frag in Tennessee. While in qt I noticed a flat worm on the base of the plug, so I jumped on Bulk Reef and ordered this miracle in a bottle. Followed the directions and more then a flat worm fell off. I decided to dip a few others and I was completely amazed of the creatures that came off while using this product. Never again will a coral go in my tank without dipping with Rx.
  • WORKS GREAT By Daniel on 10/31/13

    Effectively removes what should be, all without hurting the coral. I use the Pro, it's easy to mix and a little goes a long way.
  • Wish I had this from the beginning By Brian on 8/3/13

    What a great product! Bought a few zoa frags today from a new store in Atlanta area. I used 17oz of tank water and 6 drops of Coral Rx concentrate and as soon as I dropped the frag in, immediately 3 hitchhikers came out. After 5 mins other small pests were in the bottom of the bowl. Rinsed the frags off and placed in tank and the zoas were opened back up beautifully in less than 15 min.
    Never again will I trust anything going into my tank without using this first.

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