Coral Rx Coral Dip

Coral Rx 8 fl oz
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  • Coral Rx 8 fl oz
  • New coral? Protect your tank from pests. | How To Tuesday
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Coral Rx Coral Dip

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Coral Rx Pro Concentrated Coral Dip - 1 oz
SKU: 300621
Coral Rx Coral Dip - 8 oz
SKU: 300620
  • Smells good By on 4/28/2016

    Got 3/4 of the pests off my coral and the other was picked off with tweasers during the dip.
  • Good product By on 4/17/2016

    This is a good product but if you like sps it will not work on red bugs or black bugs or aefw
  • Coral RX Coral Dip By on 3/28/2016

    This product seems to work very well. It was easy to use.
  • safey first By on 3/25/2016

    learned the hard way, now nothing goes into my tanks unless dipped first... excluding fish of coarse...
  • good stuff By on 3/12/2016

    it does what it says it does, no corals make it into my tank without a dip in this stuff.
  • Great By on 1/9/2016

    Removed several pests from my new corals
  • Will never add a coral without it!! By on 11/6/2015

    Amazing stuff!! works just like they state, high quality, and you can see the parasites fall off the corals!! I dip every coral now regardless of where i get it! Try it you will not be disappointed!
  • Worked great, no negative side effects By on 9/8/2015

    Washed a lot of entrenched flat worms and detritus off my corals and rock that had not moved in over 2 yrs. No negative side effects noted. Easy to use.
  • Does what it should By on 8/7/2015

    Its hard to review a product like this if you aren't a chemist or work in a lab, lets be honest. But I can tell you that when you use it the results will be obvious. Any hitchhikers on your corals will go running when you dip. Im probably gunna use it on live rock in my next setup
  • Works beautifully By on 7/14/2015

    One sec in the dip and the redworms came flying out like they were set on fire.
    Nice to know the pests wont get in the tank or screw up my corals

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