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Argent Cyclop-Eeze Wafer Fish Food

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  • Cyclop-Eeze Coral & Fish Food

Argent Cyclop-Eeze Wafer Fish Food

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30g Argent Cyclop-Eeze Wafer
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100g Argent Cyclop-Eeze Wafer
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400g Argent Cyclop-Eeze Wafer
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  • Love this product By Killieguy on 4/29/2013

    Floats for a long time. My killies eat it up. Great alternative to live foods.
  • Useless product By Mark on 3/2/2013

    What a waste. My tank has 7000 gallons an hour of turnover, and this stuff floats to the surface within a second or two. Tried to pre-soak for longer than normal, but even after an hour of swishing with tank water in a cup, it still floats. I just ended up with a mess in my filter socks.
  • fish go nuts for it By wintercast on 1/21/2013

    I bought this product because i wanted to try a good quality food and i also wanted to get enough in my cart to get free shipping.

    It is called waffer, but it is really a flake food. Waffer makes me think of the tablets i would feed to some fresh water bottom feeders. Anyway this is a flake food and it floats forever. It takes a very long time for this food to sink. Sometimes it will even get blown around the tank, but after making a few circuits around on the water flow from the powerheads, it will return to float on the surface.

    I have 2 clowns that will peck at it while it is on the surface and a blennie that will go to the surface as well. They will get after the food, and once it starts to sink, blow around the tank, the other fish (chromis, gobby, shrimp, crabs) will grab it. They seem to be pretty excited about it.

    I also feed it to a fresh water betta (fighting fish). He really loves this food and will aggressively eat it from the surface of the water.

    The food does have a smell to it, like shrimpy/fishy smell. But it smells good, not like old/bad fish. So i am guessing it must smell really good to the fish that love to eat it. Not having any picky eaters in my tanks, i cannot be sure, but perhaps picky eaters would show interest because of the smell of the food.
  • color change By old timer on 12/16/2012

    I have been using this food for a couple months because it is one of the best sources Astaxanthene. My school of Lyretail Anthias look amazing. The colors really pop. The dominant and subdominent male look like like the pictures you see in books or on the net.
  • It doesn't sink! Most gets wasted in overflow By Joseph on 9/12/2012

    the bottom line is this floats on the top no matter how much presoaking I give it. It's like throwing money away watching it go into the overflow or stick against the filter. I really like the other version, Argent Cyclop-Eeze Freeze-Dried Fish/Coral Food. I bought two cans of this flake and one of the other kind. I wish I had skipped this product completely. I hate it.
  • Cyclop-Eeze Wafer Coral Food By onlylight36 on 5/22/2012

    what can i say i got this from a friend and my fish and coral likes it a lot. I'll be geting more once i run out.

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