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BRS 5 Stage RO/DI System - 75GPD

SKU: 200402

  • Excellent Product By Jon on 3/21/14

    This things is very easy to set up. It does its job very well in purifying the water and it beats having to buy water by a long shot. Great product.
  • works well for long time By angelo on 3/17/14

    been using this for over a year. has worked perfect from day one. highly recommend. make sure to get a float switch also.
  • Amazing By Nicholas on 1/23/14

    I own a LFS here in the San Antonio area and I and all my customers couldn't be happier with the brs ro/di unit. It's very easy to instal and very easy to maintenance. Thanks brs for constantly being such a great place to learn and share our love for the hobby
  • Amazing Product! By BMart on 12/6/13

    Tap water tested around 200 ppm. I had bought a unit from ebay which still left me around 25ppm. Bit the bullet bought this unit on sale and finally have 0ppm water! Perfect unit. Greatest value for an ro/di system ANYWHERE! Thanks BRS!
  • Must have By sean on 11/21/13

    Anyone that has a saltwater tank must have one of these. This is much easier than buying water from LFS. Very easy to set up and use
  • Excellent system By Jon on 10/28/13

    This is my first RODI system, so I am no guru. That being said.

    This system was SUPER easy to setup. I purchased this because of the price mostly but after getting it and setup I know it's defiantly top quality. All the fitting are nice and does not have that cheap feel. No leaks.

    Ran the system for an hour before looking at the water. When I tested it. 0 PPM on my meter. House was testing 90-125 PPM from the faucet.

    System works AWESOME!

    My setup:
    I didn't use the saddle clamp. I soldered in a line specifically for this system. I did not want to setup and take down all the time. So I put it in the basement, tapped into the cold house water line. Drilled into sink drain for the waste water and 55 gallon drum for clean water.

    I think this is great best for your buck. Also, I am pulling between 70-80 GPD.

  • Perfect but... By Cameron on 9/29/13

    This system is awesome will update after I get some more use out of it though (if I remember). One comment GET THE PLUS version. I ended up ordering all the extra stuff included in the plus set less than a week later (I did opt for some of the nicer items though such as glycerin filled gauge and deluxe TDS meter). You will end up wanting these items in the long run trust me I thought I would not either; also not having to install them (they are already pre-installed on the plus set) as I will now have to do will save you some time though it is not hard still takes time and if you are not a DIY type person (I am so I don't mind) then definitely will save you some hassle.
  • best for the buck By d fresh on 7/21/13

    I've had this system to make salt and fresh water for my 75 gallon reef tank for over a year now. Since I've started useing it I haven't had any issues with algae or water quality. I don't see needing any thing more. Over a year and I'm just now changing the filters out. Not sure if I need to or not but just thought it would be a good idea.
  • Save time and money By David on 7/17/13

    I've produced about 50 gallons of water with this system. So as far as i'm concerned it has paid for 1/3 of it's cost already. If you have the money for this unit go with the plus, i ended up buying the additional pieces after the fact.
  • A must! By wastem99 on 6/25/13

    If you want a reef you must have an RODI system, and although the 75gpd is on the lower end it gets the job done!

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