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BRS Reef Chili Coral Food

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  • Reef Chili Coral Food

BRS Reef Chili Coral Food


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.75 oz BRS Reef Chili Coral Food
SKU: 205200
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1.5 oz BRS Reef Chili Coral Food
SKU: 205201
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  • Very Happy Coral By Benjamin on 3/5/2015

    Good Prodcut, I have been adding it to my night time feeding. I use LRS Reef Frenzy in the evenings that I also direct feed to a couple corals. It is a fine blend but seems to mix in with the frozen foods well!
  • Well balanced coral nutrition! By Jamie&Cora on 2/23/2015

    Our corals love this food! We have been getting great results from Reef Chili. From enhanced color to amazing growth, what more could you ask for?
  • outstanding coral for for an awesome price By Tim on 2/21/2015

    This stuff is great. Corals (Zoas response was prompt) opened instantly when target feeding. Can't beat the price. Seems like it will last awhile too.
  • Worthwhile purchase By Brett on 2/9/2015

    Great cost!
  • Outstanding Product By Kevin on 2/3/2015

    There is a reason the reviews for Reef Chili are so high. This product delivers, and is as good (if not better) than advertised.

    Beyond the Coral looking better, the two clowns I have in the take go nuts for this stuff. I end up target feeding my coral and the extra bits get instantly picked up by the clowns.

    I use Reef Chili twice a week, and plan to keep the product for as long as BRS carries it. Highly recommended!
  • Really like this stuff. By japicka on 1/31/2015

    Bought this stuff based purely on the reviews, because I have tried about every other suspended coral food out there and got mixed results. I had just cleared up a small cyano out break with chemi-clean, and for the most part most of my tank inhabitants pulled through experience with no ill effects. With the exception of my clam, it was NOT happy, and my trumpet corals were a bit miffed but ok. Got this product at the 48 hour mark with the chemi-clean where I can start my carbon back up. Fed this stuff as soon as I got it. The clam perked right back up and was happy and fully open again inside of 12 hours, I am about 36 hours back and just did another feeding with this stuff, the fish go nuts when this stuff is in the water and the nassarius snails come up out of the sand looking for the leftovers as well. I must say I am impressed with this stuff. Like others have said it does have a strong odor, I would recommend keeping it in the ziploc bag it comes with.
  • use By tigerty2 on 12/14/2014

    Only been using for a week but the fish go crazy when they smell it in the water
  • Immediate Difference By Dan on 12/13/2014

    I began using Reef Chili in my 650G reef aquarium and immediately noticed an increase in coral growth and color. In the past I used products from multiple companies.. Oyster eggs, Phyto, amino acids, etc etc etc... but none had the impact of Reef Chili!! Hard to believe that something can work this well but so far, tremendous success!
  • Killer By Tony on 12/8/2014

    This stuff is absolutely amazing. Fish and corals seem to be loving it. I even ended up feeding it to my T Cali culture with great results (noticeable population boom). I have never had anything get adopted so well by everyone in the tank!
  • Coral love it By Chad on 12/7/2014

    As soon as I put this in, all of my corals immediately pulled the food in and ate it. I have leather, trumpets, duncans and moon corals and they all fed on this. Definitely will be using for a long time!

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