BRS Reef Chili Coral Food

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  • Reef Chili Coral Food

BRS Reef Chili Coral Food

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.75 oz BRS Reef Chili Coral Food
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  • Not Impressed By on 7/24/2017

    My corals don't seem to be responding any differently than they have been to the blend of reef food I made. IMO the feeding spoon they give you is way to small of a portion for what they recommend.
  • It's the BEE's KNEE's By on 7/19/2017

    This stuff is awesome! All of my corals loved it. LPS and SPS when nuts for it. The price is great and the bottle last a long time. Can't go wrong purchasing this. Thanks BRS!
  • Amazing Stuff By on 5/30/2017

    Corals Keeps on asking for more! This stuff is great and will continue to buy to provide healthy growth and diet to my corals.
  • This Stuff!!! By on 5/5/2017

    This stuff.....
    I will be using Reef Chili till BSR stops making it.
    My corals and fish love this stuff!
    Best coral food I've ever run across.
  • Wow By on 3/1/2017

    Had been feeding an array of different liquid and frozen foods to my different coral. Ordered Monday, used free shipping, got it today (Wednesday) in So. Illinois. Impressive, BRS is the best.

    Did the first feeding tonight. Holy crap! Furthest polyp extension I have ever seen in reaction to food. I cannot believe it.
    Will take time to determine how well it helps them grow, but they defiantly like it a lot.
    Great work guys, I know the company was kind of built around this, and you guys deserve to have grown because of it. Incredible.

    Hi Ryan!
  • Just WoW By on 2/13/2017

    This is the first time I have purchased this. I have always read various products would cause all SPS to go Crzy with PE. But non have ever done this for me, until I used this. All my SPS go crazy when this gets into the water. The response is just amazing. I will definitely purchase this again when I need to. JUST WOW!!!
  • Good food By on 2/12/2017

    Just started using this product. Corals seem to love it. Time will tell.
  • LOVE IT!!! By on 12/14/2016

    Have been using the Reef Chili for a couple weeks now and it's just amazing. There is almost an instant response from all my sps, lps and softies once the chili hits the water column! The sun corals come to life and fully open waiting on their turn to get some reef chili....even the Blue/Green Chromis seem to go into a feeding frenzy mode when I am feeding the corals with it.

    I don't know what y'all put in this stuff but the response of my aquarium is like a cat on's crack for corals...LOL
  • Great Polyp Response By on 12/7/2016

    This food seems to give the best polyp response for my tank compared to other foods. Very happy with this.
  • Very Clean food By on 11/6/2016

    Never feel guilty about feeding within recommended range. It always feels like the tank likes it and it doesn't pollute the water.