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BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - High Capacity

  • Works Great!!! By Andy on 4/4/14

    2nd time ordering & works great with fantastic perfect water parameters.
  • Very good at removing phosphate By KEVIN on 4/2/14

    Works great. It's a little pricey but it does what I need
  • great stuff By Chicago on 3/25/14

    nice and clean. I use in my reactor. With other brands took like 15 gallons until clean and clear water was following. With this high capacity only takes like 5 gallons to run clean. Love it and would recommend for all phosphate issues. Of course you cant beat the BRS service and price.
  • Best way to keep my phosphates low By Michael on 3/18/14

    I run this GFO in my 90 gallon mixed reef tank. Have it running in a 2 Little Fishes reactor and it works great. Replace every 4-6 months and my phosphates stay at zero. Highly recommend.
  • great product By angelo on 3/17/14

    been using this product since i started my tank. never had an issue with phosphates. lasts a long time and only have to use a little bit.
  • Fantastic! By Jawgrants on 3/14/14

    Running this with the ROX carbon through the BRS dual canister (one in each chamber) and I am shocked by the phosphate removal in less than 3 days.

    Before running, our phosphate was 1.3 ppm in the Hannah meter. I am running less than recommended by the BRS calculator only because I didn't want to completely shock the system. However, after less than 3 days it's down to 0.03 ppm. Wow! I'm going to continue testing in another few days to see if it drops further. If not, I will bump up to the recommended level. Thanks, BRS for another couple of great products! Worth the price!
  • Very Satisfied By Charlotte Reefer on 3/10/14

    I'm running the GFO high capacity with an IM Minimax reactor on my nuvo 24 tank. I was getting some nasty hair algae after trying to fatten up some new fish. PO4 was around 0.08 and that was with Chemipure Elite in the media basket. After a few days by phosphates went down to 0.03 and last night I registered 0.00 using the Hanna low range checker. CUC is destroying the algae now and it take about 3 days before I get a noticeable green/brown film on the glass.

    This seems to be a great value. Given the size of my tank and the rate the GFO is being used up, this is pretty affordable way to control phosphates. I highly recommend.
  • Great product By Ourisland42 on 2/20/14

    I would definitely recommend. It is working !! My phosphates are going down, finally....

    Excellent service with BRS, as always!
  • Phosphate Removal By Matt on 2/17/14

    Works great at controlling phosphates. Also, works well in a media reactor as I use it with the TLF media reactor with a maxi-jet pump.
  • Must have for any reef tank By James on 1/25/14

    I've been using the brs standard gfo and this gfo makes a huge difference. I couldn't keep my phosphate under .06 with the standard stuff. Now I've got it down to .01 in only the first week of using this product! I'm very happy even though it's a little more money.

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