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BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide

  • Good stuff, a bit dusty By Ryan on 12/10/2014

    Just make sure you rinse it well before placing it in the system obviously. It does contain a fair amount of dust, but does the job once installed. No complaints here, you get a lot for what you pay for.
  • for the price By justyn on 12/4/2014

    A great product for the price. I run gfo a long side my carbon and changing this product out gets expensive, once I found out about BRS I was hooked with them.
  • Excellent gfo for the price. By Roger on 12/3/2014

    Using this gfo has greatly helped me keep my p04 levels down to a minimum. Compaired to the expensive other brands it's crazy not to buy this stuff.
  • Good Prod By jawstone50 on 11/29/2014

    Increasing the frequency off my GFO changes has decreased the speed at which my Hair Algae problem has returned. I will keep this frequency pace to hopefully completely eliminate the algae problem all together.
  • Great product, great price! By Jdubs on 11/24/2014

    I run a 37 gallon heavily stocked with fish and LPS corals. This stuff removes phosphates FAST! Just make sure you use a reactor and don't just put it in a media bag you will never get the same results just running it in a media bag in a external filter. Keeps my reef looking pristine!
  • fair priced By mcbridepcm on 11/23/2014

    I think it's a very reasonably priced media, I'm happy.
  • Great product By Travis on 11/18/2014

    What can you say about this GFO? It works and at a great price.
  • Outstanding quality GFO By KEM on 11/14/2014

    This is my second batch of GFO Granular Ferric Oxide from BRS. Fantastic results in removing Phosphates. Would recommend it to anyone wanting a good GFO product
  • BRS knows how to make a good product!!! By Matt on 10/30/2014

    This stuff is the best I've been using it for two weeks and the phosphates are down to near 0 I'll never run a tank without this and they're dual reactor !!! Once again an excellent product by Brs
  • Great for small applications By Randy on 10/30/2014

    If you aren't burning through two cups of GFO every one to two weeks, then this is a great product, bang-for-buck wise!

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