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BRS Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring

  • Great Produce. By Icereefer on 4/6/14

    All I can say is they do what they say they do,Great! Filter.
  • They are only ok for filtering By CaliO Corals on 4/3/14

    They are worth the $$$. But not as tightly woven filter as I was expecting.. They don't clog as fast as the felt socks but they don't filter as much either... The give you an idea. I would say they are woven as tight as a breeders net..

    Where I exspected something better, say as tight as a painters filter or a screen printing screen would have been nice.

    Def. room for improvement.
  • Crystal Clear Water By Larry on 3/12/14

    These mesh filter socks are easy to clean and a great alternative to the felt filter socks. I was excited to receive my package and amazed with their performance.
  • Great Alternative By Cookie P on 3/5/14

    Does not get cloged fast like regular filter socks but at the same time it will not stop the really small stuff.

    Just remember that this is a mesh and will only stop the larger particles.

    Works great been using for about 3 weeks.
  • Easy Cleaning By Steven on 3/2/14

    Best thing that I like about these mesh filter socks over the felt is the effortless cleaning. I would have to rinse out the felt socks with a hose in the yard. Now I can rinse out the mesh socks in a sink. Also, makes it easier to get pods out so they can be put back into the tank.
  • Amazing product By Ed on 2/27/14

    I love these socks. Cleaning these is such a simple task. A daily hand wash takes seconds and keeps the solids contained nicely.
  • Easy To Clean By Jason on 2/7/14

    I love these filter socks, I use them on my cube tank, they are very easy to remove and handwash in the sink and pop right back in, I keep several on hand so I can easily swap them out.
  • Great Socks By Edward on 2/4/14

    I ordered 6 and I had one come in with a slit I contacted Bulk Reef Supply they sent me another extremely fast. I really like these catch everything and easy to clean. The price is great as well.
  • Great Product By Bob on 2/3/14

    + great service as usual. A great Mn based company!
  • Easy to clean filter sock By This guy on 1/19/14

    I got a couple of these to try out instead of the usual felt bags I use as they were cheaper alternatives. These are very easy to clean under a tap and seem to trap just as much crud from my tank as the felt ones, although time will tell I guess. Not the strongest construction but if they last a few months then they are worth the money.

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