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BRS Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring

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  • Using Filter Socks in Your Reef Tank - EP 4: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

BRS Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring

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4” x 8” BRS Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring
SKU: 205904
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4” x 14” BRS Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring
SKU: 205900
Earn 6 Reward Points
7” x 16” BRS Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring
SKU: 205902
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  • Great! By Jason on 6/29/2015

    Very good product, much better than other socks I have purchased.
  • Great Idea Poor Filtering By Ruminari on 6/16/2015

    I purchased three of these based on the overwhelming positive reviews as compared to the felt filter socks. I've been running the felt filter socks for about 6 months before I purchased these and never had any ditritus in the sump. After running these for 3-4 weeks there is ditritus all over my sump. While these may have the same micron size as their felt counterparts they DEFINITELY let significantly more junk through them than felt ones.

    I do like how you can just rinse them in the sink to clean them, however with the amount of crud passing right through them as compared to the same micron filter sock (also purchased from BRS) all these are going to do is collect dust.
  • Awesome By SCreefmom on 5/23/2015

    Perfect. Our sump flow so much better now.
  • Just what I needed By Jessica on 4/26/2015

    This was just what I needed. A sock that keeps the snails from going into my pumps, collects fine debris, lets a bit of the nutrients/micro food through, and is easy to clean. This sock is SO easy to clean, if I was allowed I could clean these in the sink, no need for a washing machine with these. Goodbye felt, hello mesh!
  • Great when cleaning the tank. By Turf on 4/9/2015

    I know this isn't the first reason someone would get them but I've found these work really well when cleaning out the tank. I zip tie a sypon hose to the sock in the sump and it catches all the crud without having to do a massive water change and I can keep the pump running.
  • Better than Felt!!!! By Brian on 3/30/2015

    I prefer these over the felt filter socks as over time the felt seems to be breaking down and making fuzzies. Over time I have come to preferred using these mesh socks. They catch the same sized items and clog less. They are also easier to clean and maintain and a good soak in Vinegar helps with old socks.
  • Easy clean out By Nick on 3/28/2015

    Good quality and much easier to clean then felt socks and even tho they are mesh they still catch a lot of crap
  • Easy to Clean By Russell on 3/4/2015

    Prefer the mesh to felt since they are more flexible and easier to clean. Held up through a couple cleaning cycles with no tearing so far.

    Would like to see a 100 micron version for the occasional fine particle filtering.
  • Works Great By Ken on 2/14/2015

    Works great and easy to clean.Buy 2 so you always have a clean one to use while cleaning or re-ordering
  • Easy to clean By Keo_05 on 2/4/2015

    I've been using felt socks since I started my tank. They're bulky, and tough to clean. These socks don't require laundering or scrubbing to clean, and they keep the bulky stuff from cluttering up hte sump.

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