BRS Felt Filter Sock with Plastic Ring

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  • Using Filter Socks in Your Reef Tank - EP 4: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

BRS Felt Filter Sock with Plastic Ring

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BRS Felt Filter Sock with Plastic Ring 4” x 8”
SKU: 205905

reg. $5.99

Special Price: $4.19

BRS Felt Filter Sock with Plastic Ring 4” x 14”
SKU: 205901

reg. $6.99

Special Price: $4.89

BRS Felt Filter Sock with Plastic Ring 7” x 16”
SKU: 205903

reg. $7.99

Special Price: $5.59

  • U need these By Runzwithscissor on 11/29/2015

    If you are lazy, or have a putrid tank, these socks aren't for you. They catch almost all solids in your tank. I change mine twice a week and they keep my tank water pristine. These socks are as important as a good controller and ato. Highly recommend!
  • Solid Quality Filter Sock @ a Great Price! By Fred on 11/16/2015

    These dense filter socks are real quality pieces. NOT the cheap thin ones that fall apart after 2 uses, these socks will last you quite a long time! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. BRS FTW
  • No good for a flow over sump By Tbone on 11/9/2015

    I have one of those eshopps sumps where the water drains into a compartment then flows over into the filter sock, this sock has a weird shaped backwards lip that makes it very difficult to use in this sort of drain, maybe if ur just going to dump ur drain hose right in it then it would be fine, by the flow over doesn't work!!
  • Quality,Quality and Quality By Yan on 11/8/2015

    Much thicker than most I have purchase in the past. the sewing is perfect.
    I change them every day ,would surely clog up if I didn't.
    I pressure wash them, I am sure these will last longer.
  • Works well, sturdy By Ajamd on 10/17/2015

    Filter socks are well made slip on easily and easily interchangeable. Somewhat difficult to turn inside out for cleaning but really no big deal. Good price
  • great product By Fishkeeper24 on 10/2/2015

    I switched from a tray with filter floss to these socks and there is no comparison ! They polish the water beautifully . As many have stated, you do have to clean them regularly, but I get 3-4 days on my heavily stocked 260 with large eels and puffers and other messy eaters. I'm going to switch to one sock for each return and they'll go even longer.
  • Great socks that clean up really well By Adam on 9/15/2015

    Love these socks. They fit great and pull a ton of crap out of the water. They also clean up really well, which is a big deal for me.
  • Great Quality and Price By Jeffrey on 9/14/2015

    These socks are really well made and dense; that being said, they clog easily and need changing every 3-4 days. If that's not acceptable, try the mesh sock instead. You just won't get the clearest water possible. These block just about anything from getting through. Love 'em!
  • Great product By Luis on 9/5/2015

    Great product. Does what its suppose to , and fits in my Eshopps filter sock holder
  • Clog up really fast By jeffrey on 7/7/2015

    The felt socks work great and are made well . But in my 240 gallon reef they clogged up overnight and were overflowing . So if you can't change them daily I wouldn't use them . I got the mesh socks and am much happier with them . Not filtering as much stuff out but only have to clean them out one time a week

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