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Instant Ocean BIO-Spira

  • Good Product By LiNuo on 6/10/13

    I had high levels of ammonia (1ppm) and decided to add this product. The following day I tested the water and the ammonia went down drastically to .1ppm.
    I only had 2 clown fish in my system and unfortunately I lost 1 in the process. My nitrites went off the roof the following day from 0-5 ppm. I guess I should of used this products without fish.
    Works as advertised!
  • Must Have.. By Tyler S. on 3/27/13

    I use this on every new tank! It speeds up the cycle and being able to add fish. Recommend this to everyone.
  • Works Great By Gary on 3/19/13

    I added the bottle to my Biocube 29 and it only took two weeks to cycle my tank starting with dry rock and dry sand.
  • Worked By Ross on 1/5/13

    Had no issues with this product, did exactly as advertised.
  • fast cycle By Bill on 11/1/12

    Fish ready nearly right away. Wish I would have had a QT setup sooner so I could be adding fish now!
  • As advertised. By Tyson on 9/23/12

    I used this on my build to start my cycle, and within about a week of a HARD cycle, I was able to transfer my fish and corals into the new system.
  • Awesome! By Matt on 8/25/12

    I used this product, and 48 hours later I added my first fish. My nitrates, and nitrites are always at close to 0. My fish and corals are looking great. I will always use Bio-Spira!
  • does what it says By Jason on 4/28/12

    jump started my cycle way faster then expected. great product to boost the bacteria.
  • Great stuff By Chris on 2/18/12

    The packaging was good and double bagged. A great thing to start on the right path
  • Easy to use By ROY on 1/30/12

    This made fast curing of my 100lbs of Pukani dry rock. Rock was cured in less than 3 weeks! A bit pricey, but if your in a hurry, it's perfect!

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