Instant Ocean BIO-Spira

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Instant Ocean BIO-Spira

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100 mL - Instant Ocean BIO-Spira
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  • Used it with BRS Reef Saver Rock! By on 5/6/2016

    Fastest cycle that I've had yet!
  • Bio By on 5/6/2016

    This is good stuff.
  • 2.5 weeks, done. By on 5/5/2016

    It all depends, do you run BB or have sand? How much rock? whats your filtration? IME, sand with a mechanical filtration and will cycle using BIO SPIRA in about 2.5 weeks. That does not mean add livestock, people,. It means pay attention to your parameters. Titrate, titrate, titrate, then add slowly. Good product for sure. Thank you, Dr. Tim for developing this.
  • Instant Ocean BIO-Spira By on 5/5/2016

    Use this all the time.Never failed .Works great.
  • Works as advertised By on 4/29/2016

    I was starting a new tank, 90 gallons of total volume, with dry rock and live sand. I after I filled the tank up I added the BioSpira by itself and added some fish food and shrimp to the tank. I had an ammonia spike over about a 36 hour period and I have been reading 0 ammonia ever since. I have recently added 5 green chromis, two peppermint shrimp from my other tank and some snails, and I am still reading 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 0 nitrates.

    I saw this product getting bashed on the forums, I almost passed it up, glad I didn't. It works just like it says. I don't believe I would have put my fish in during that first few days but I certainly helped the cycling process tremendously. I believe the bottle says 24 hours or something like that but it was more like two days for the ammonia to show up and dissipate. I still waited about 2-1/2 to 3 weeks before adding my fish.

    This product isn't a complete cycling solution, and testing is necessary. I am very pleased with it.
  • It's good stuff. By on 4/17/2016

    I used this to speed up my cycling process of my Pukani live rocks. Rocks were ready, ammonia free cured and cycled in about 30 days.
  • Instant Ocean BIO-Spira By on 3/2/2016

    Great product.I use this to set up my QT tanks.Saves a lot of time.Thanks BRS
  • Did too good of a job By on 1/19/2016

    I read so much trash talk on this product on forums that I almost didn't get it, but decided it couldn't hurt.

    I set up a 96 gallon display tank with a 20 gallon sump. I decided to go dry rock to get a clean start. The day I filled it with water, I dosed it with Biospira, then added 2 raw table shrimp to get the nitrogen cycle started.

    Where I went wrong is that I waited a week to test for ammonia. Test = 0. Nitrites = 0. Nitrates = 0. I thought, "What the heck?!?!" Well, 4 more shrimp and 3 weeks later and I still couldn't get a blip on the tests. I had my LFS test the water. Same outcome.

    I finally added a couple of fish, figuring the cycle would start and I'd be scrambling to save them. However, there was never a single issue. I have since added a total of 5 fish, a dozen corals and an anemone. Levels are still 0 across the board and it's been 2 months.

    The reality is that this cycled my tank in 1 week. So fast that I didn't see the cycle and woke up in a panic in the middle of the night several times.

    I highly recommend this product, but suggest you test from day 1.
  • Works but not in 24hrs By on 1/9/2016

    I used this product to cycle a 57 gallon tank. It does speed up cycling tremendously. I finished cycling in about a week. I used ammonia to start then added this product, ammonia levels dropped to 0 within 24 hrs then nitrites appeared. Nitrites took much longer to drop but with in 7-9 days both ammonia and nitrites were at 0 and ready for fish. I'd say definitely don't add fish right ways like it says, just monitor your parameters and keep adding Pure ammonia. You will check one day and both ammonia and nitrites will be at zero. And your ready for fish.
  • Saved my fish in hospital tank By on 9/23/2015

    Had to get a hospital tank up and running quickly. Was managing ammonia via water changes and was a constant battle. Gave this stuff a shot and boy took my ammonia to nitrite and then nitrate in <24 hours. Things to consider, the more the better works best for me when I dose a 8 oz bottle into about 30 gallons, also check the expiration date on the bottle, the fresher the better. This will not take 120 gallons of water dosed with 2-5 ppm ammonia to zero overnight, but if added in the proper quantities can dramatically accelerate the cycling of the tank. Highly recommend if you need a QT or hospital tank cycled ASAP. Worked wonders and probably saved that fish as the constant battle to keep the ammonia low I'm sure added stress.