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  • Gate Valves

Spears Gate Valve Slip x Slip

  • You Need To Buy This By Evelio on 12/9/2014

    This valve helped me maintain a precise flow through my sump. I will definitely be purchasing more of these valves in the future.
  • Spears Gate Valve. By onecansay on 8/20/2014

    Spend your money once. This is one serious valve.

    Ontario, Canada.
  • Adjustment is key By Tim on 2/6/2014

    These valves took my overflow from slurpy to silent!!

    minute adjustments have literally made my overflows silent.
  • Great Valve; Worth Every Penny By Brandon on 1/30/2014

    This is an extremely well made product and I would recommend this to everyone; even if you used sch 40 for everything else, get this. With this valve, you're able to adjust your water so precisely that it makes live so much easier.
  • very percice By jimbo on 1/29/2014

    Used them for supply and return going to refugium easy to dial in and very compact.
  • Great for fine tuning By Jack Murray on 7/2/2013

    A few months back I purchased one of these valves to mod my skimmer so I could skim most efficiently. I have been using it for around 4 months straight now on my skimmer and I could not be more happy the valve handle turns in a very smooth fashion it does not require you to hold your skimmer in place while turning the valve which is also great. The second you take it out of the box and handle it you understand why it is so pricey it is very sturdy and rugged feeling. I highly reccomend the spears gate valve. Also don't try going out and looking for this valve at your hardware store you are just wasting your time I learned that the hard way.
  • Great valve By Bill K on 5/20/2013

    Installed in my return line works great now i can control my water pressure.
    Well worth the money
  • This valve is GREAT! By KPruitt on 5/14/2013

    I also had nightmares from the hardware store valves and this one has been phenomenal. Easy to get it set up correctly and no issues.
  • nothing better By ReefDVMs on 4/30/2013

    there is nothing better on the market in the gate valve line then these the quality speaks for itself
  • must have By chris on 8/5/2012

    I am using this valve for my herbie overflow. Very heavy duty and easy to disassemble for cleaning

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