Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip

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Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip

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12” Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip
SKU: 202414

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34” Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip
SKU: 202415

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1” Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip
SKU: 202416

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1 14” Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip
SKU: 202419

reg. $29.99

Special Price: $25.49

1 12” Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip
SKU: 202417

reg. $33.99

Special Price: $28.89

2” Economy Gate Valve Slip x Slip
SKU: 202418

reg. $39.99

Special Price: $33.99

  • A must have... By LL on 6/13/2015

    These gates work great. BTW if you are doing your own plumbing there is a great guide here:
  • Narrow Channel By MKaplan on 1/20/2015

    This valve looks fine. I bought it in 3/4" only discover that due to the way the internals are structured it narrows to no more than a half inch where the valve crosses the fitting. Kinda regretting that I got the 3/4" now instead of getting a 1" with a reducer.
  • Does the job By John on 11/29/2014

    I recently purchased the 1/2" version for controlling tee'd return pump water feeding my BRS carbon/gfo reactor. It's working fine, allowing for much finer adjustments than the ball valve I was previously using. I was a little concerned in that I noticed an oil on the inside gate valve, apparently to provide smooth operation. I tried to clean this off best I could prior to installing and hoped that it would not have a negative affect on the fish/corals. It has been approximately two weeks now and everything seems fine. I had also purchased a 1" valve almost two years ago for my herbie system and it is still working fine.
  • Good valve for a good price By Brandon on 11/12/2014

    Just make sure you loosen it up a bit before using. They come screwed on so tight that the knobs seize up.
  • Valve arrived damaged By Edgar on 10/21/2014

    I bought two of these back in January (1" and 3/4"). I took a lot longer than expected to set up my last tank, and while doing so I realized that the 1 inch valve that I received was not working, the handle was able to turn but not open. I took it apart and noticed that the threads in the stem were all worn out.

    Luckily, I tried to open it before gluing it. Moreover, it seems to me like they are a bit overpriced. I cannot recommend this product.
  • Adjusts well. does the job By Daniel on 10/16/2014

    For a good price, you can get this fully functional gate valve. Easy to adjust. It isn't as precise as a higher priced valve, but if you can deal with just a little more twitchy tuning, this is the one.

    Personally I think it's perfect.
  • its ok By pcrain on 3/8/2014

    Great for dialing in my herbie ! Wish it was a bit smoother hard to do small adjustments that way I gave it a 4. I would have liked to grab the higher quality gate valve but this works just fine.
  • Great for overflow control By Martin on 1/30/2014

    Used this gate valve to control my herbie main overflow and works great. Dialed in the exact flow I was lookin for. Highly reconmend.
  • great valve By lovetoclown on 7/30/2013

    This valve is well made and allows for small to big adjustments.
  • Works wonderfully By Chris on 7/19/2013

    I exhausted pretty much every local store trying to find a PVC gate valve to no avail. Everyone said "we can order it" to which I replied "So can I!" So, I did and have to say that it's a great valve.

    Before purchasing I spoke with Ryan in Live Chat and discussed my needs and we concluded this would do the job and it certainly does.

    Thanks again BRS. (and Ryan of course)

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