Cepex Ball Valve

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Cepex Ball Valve

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12” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 207895
34” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202400
1” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202401
1 14” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202420
1 12” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202402
2” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202403
  • a bit pricey but... By on 5/10/2016

    Worth every penny! Save yourself a headache and get these instead of cheaper ball valves. The unions on each side, both slip + threaded fittings and the ease of turning the valve make it worth the price!
  • Perfect By on 4/6/2016

    What makes it so perfect is the fact they send you both slip and threaded fittings. What i did with the spare fittings is put them on a spare pump so if my primary pump needs to be serviced or repaired I can slide my spare into use in a matter of seconds.
  • Great Product By on 3/22/2016

    The only thing I would add to everyones awesome reviews is get a spare and keep it on hand
  • Great Quality Valves By on 2/27/2016

    I ordered 3 1" valves for an Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizer and the quality is outstanding. They are worth the extra money.
  • a must have for a quality aquarium By on 1/28/2016

    The cepex ball valve is the top of the line valve for a good reason. Most standard cheap pvc shut off valves build up and become stuck whereas the cepex will not and is servicable. Also over tome ball valves will loosen up and not be a tight seal where this one comes with an ajustment tool so you can tighten it up over time to keep it working like new.
  • The Best Valve ! By on 1/5/2016

    This is by far the best Valve you can get, no question. Soft turn, long life and will include the slip and threated sides for any job ! 5 Stars !
  • Very Nice! By on 12/28/2015

    I purchased the 1.5" and I love the quality and construction of this. So much nicer than the local hardware junk. Buy it you won't regret it.
  • Simply Awesome By on 12/17/2015

    I had been suffering using the normal ball valves I bought at the hardware store, but I finally decided I had enough. They would jerk and couldn't really be adjusted at all. The Cepex valves are awesome. It was relatively easy to install and is very easy to turn/adjust.
  • Best you can buy By on 11/29/2015

    This the best ball valve you can buy. It give you slip and threaded unions, for you to plumb anyway you want. It has the easiest shut off and on valve handle than any other ball valve i had used.
    The price is a little more other valves but it is way worth it. I just love them.
  • The best I've used By on 10/11/2015

    When you absolutely, positively need the best ball valve in your setup, this is it. When I built my tank 8 yrs ago, I used some std cheaper valves that were available locally. Now if I really need to turn them, 1/2 of them won't budge. If I need to replace any, these will be the one I use. Adjustable w/tool in pkg, slip or NPT ends in pkg. The feel is proof of quality. I've added some equipment and changed some other parts and am using these. I would be willing to bet, these will turn for years to come..

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