Cepex Ball Valve

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Cepex Ball Valve

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12” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 207895

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Special Price: $13.99

34” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202400

reg. $21.99

Special Price: $14.69

1” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202401

reg. $24.99

Special Price: $17.49

1 12” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202402

reg. $44.99

Special Price: $31.49

2” Cepex Ball Valve
SKU: 202403

reg. $54.99

Special Price: $37.79

  • The best I've used By Bob E on 10/11/2015

    When you absolutely, positively need the best ball valve in your setup, this is it. When I built my tank 8 yrs ago, I used some std cheaper valves that were available locally. Now if I really need to turn them, 1/2 of them won't budge. If I need to replace any, these will be the one I use. Adjustable w/tool in pkg, slip or NPT ends in pkg. The feel is proof of quality. I've added some equipment and changed some other parts and am using these. I would be willing to bet, these will turn for years to come..
  • Best ball valve on the market By Shane on 7/31/2015

    I tried a different brand and immediately noticed that the flow restriction was huge. This ball valve gives you closer true 3/4 flow if you get the 3/4 version. Also the quality of this valve is awesome
  • You Get What You Pay For By Kyle on 4/30/2015

    These valves are expensive! Trust me, I know with a simple setup and just wanting 4-8 valves, I could have bought at HD or plumbing supply places for significantly less. These valves are fantastic though. I evaluated my desires of not wanting to have to deal with repercussions of using poor quality and cheaper products. I sat on the floor of a local hardware store and literally could not turn a 2" ball valve they had on display (not connected to pipe! could put between my legs and torque, didn't budge) as "one of their best"... it's completely useless if you have to break the plumbing to utilize the valve. Bought quite a few different valves and I have to say these things are no joke. So simple to turn, so easy to dial in, even on the ball valves. And the true Union feature is worth every single penny. These valves are expensive, but you simply get what you pay for; High quality.
  • awesome valve By Mike on 4/15/2015

    really nice valve at a decent price. nice bonus that it comes with slip and threaded fittings
  • Great valve By Patrick on 4/4/2015

    I bought a couple of these when I was first building my current setup to try them out. I'm now in the process of replacing the valves that I use most with the cepex valves. Smooth easy to turn action, cleanable, repairable, full Union. Not that much more than buying a union and a valve at Home Depot. Very well built. After a year of use the are still just as easy to open and close.
  • Very smooth By StarFishMAn on 4/1/2015

    Don't waste any money buying cheaper valves. These work extremely well and are easy to turn. Others I tried were so tight I decided to return them to Amazon. These work great and should last for years. I found that one of mine was too tight for my taste so I used the simple to use tool to loosen the nut on the ball and now it rotates quite easily.

    Good buy!
  • Fantastic By Brandon on 3/31/2015

    Very well built and easy to open and close valve
  • FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!!! By Brandon on 3/31/2015

    Very well built and to open and close ball valve requires the simplest of ease.
  • The Best Ball Valve Period ! By Xavier on 3/24/2015

    Please do not use the Home depot basic options ! Only use Cepex ! you will be happy you did when you feel how soft they turn.!
  • Nice and sturdy By Jeff on 3/24/2015

    Well built works perfect

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